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    Have you given back to your neighbourhood or society?

    We are born in a particular place, educated, get employed, a few lucky ones earn a decent pay packet, have a good family and are well settled.

    When we sit back and think about our past, apart from our hard work, many people and places would have played a vital role in putting us to the top. The old school, a quaint neighborhood, the state library, etc. With this in the background, when people are grouped into the haves and the have-not, then it becomes the moral responsibility of the 'haves' to give back to the society as a way of acknowledging the role it played in their success.

    Giving back can be in the form of money, our time, our intellectual skills, our knowledge gained by experience, etc. We can give back to the village we were born, the educational institutions we went to, the people it whom we currently interact with, a few NGOs, etc.

    Even in ISC, there would be many who are actually giving back to society in their own ways. Let's hear about it.
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    As a responsible citizen in society, it is the responsibility of the individual to see that he will help the needy for their requirements to the possible extent. We are getting educated in schools and we are getting jobs with the knowledge we acquired there. So we should help poor students the way in which we can help. I spend some time teaching some poor boys in my house without taking any fees. I will donate some money to Anna Dana Schemes in various places of worship.
    I will try to be friendly with my neighbours. Whenever they want some help from me I will try to extend help to the possible extent.
    I know an industrialist in Hyderabad. He reserves 10% of the profit from his company for developing the village to which he belongs. That will is now more than a town with all amenities and good infrastructure. Even these days also we will find some such people who are really doing a good service to society.

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    A very good thought. Today what we are is due to our circumstances and the support of our family and good luck. Everyone is not so lucky. In this situation it is imperative that we have some duty towards the fellow beings who are not so lucky in their life and do not have the basic minimum amenities of the life. So helping back the society or downtrodden is the duty of well off people.
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    A person who lives only for himself is a selfish person. It is the duty of every citizen to contribute for the society. Financial contribution is not the only thing in this world. We can contribute in different ways. Keeping our premises clean and surroundings green is itself a valuable contribution. Teaching the poor children in your locality is a noble cause. Volunteer work in the community is also a well appreciated job. So there are many ways we can contribute.

    In many communities, it is mandatory to donate 5-10% of ones earnings for the benefits of society in form of helping the poor and downtrodden. Some people can sponsor scholarships to poor and needy students. If we want to help, there are many ways and I strongly feel that we should inculcate this attribute in the younger generation also.

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