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    Let us compare: Kathua Vs. Aligarh

    Today, I was going through some old threads which appeared in ISC. Among various threads, I also read the following thread and subsequent responses:-

    The Kathua episode brings tears to any human being.

    Many Members of ISC condemned the heinous incident which happened at Kathua (please read the responses). However, even after more than 1 year and 3 months of the Kathua incident and use of most modern scientific technique, the crime has not been fully established and the criminals have not been definitely identified.

    Not only in ISC, but the incident has also been condemned everywhere and Hinduism has been blamed because the so-called criminals were said to be Hindus. A huge amount of money was collected and usurped in the name of helping the family of the girl at Kathua.

    Now, on the eve of Eid, a terrible incident happened at Aligarh. A young girl of less than three years have been brutally raped by two scared people and inhumanly murdered. I am not going to describe the terrible condition of the dead body.

    As the two criminals involved are scared people, everybody is trying to put this incident under the carpet. The Aligarh episode doesn't bring tears in our eyes. We do not mention this terrible event.

    I must state clearly. We are not secular, WE ARE A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES.
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    The incident brings tears in my eyes. Even the Kathua case made me cry. Such incidents are horrible and if we don't see them through the angle of religion they will upset you otherwise not.

    It's very strange that people have forgotten humanity and for mere 5000 Rs they took the life of innocent who don't even know anything. Twinkle was just 2.5 years old and didn't know even how to speak. Is it a way to take revenge?

    I am not sure why the case is being seen as Hindu Vs Muslim enmity because the same might have happened if the money had been lend by a Muslim. Aslam and friends would have done the same thing to the Muslim also. I have read somewhere that culprit had a criminal report as his wife also had complained in 2014 that he raped his own daughter and since then her wife and daughter had been living separately.

    But this incident has shown all of us that we should be careful and should be conscious for our kids as who knows there is someone with the same mentality is roaming around us.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    "I am not sure why the case is being seen as Hindu Vs Muslim enmity....."----------------The hush-hush manner in which the secu-libu gang is dealing with this incident clearly indicates that Hindu-Muslim angle is definitely there in this case.

    The way the media initially dealt with the case (by not reporting) proves that a Hindu-Muslim angle is definitely there.

    Some secular police also dealt with the case in the same manner. They tried to put the case under the carpet. Only a few weeks back, some scared people in Delhi killed Dhruv Tyagi and injured his son when he protested teasing of his daughter by these scared people. Even then, some secular police tried to put the matter under the carpet. The police forced the Tyagi family to issue a statement stating that the incident was not communal.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    We all should condemn such heinous crimes against any girl or a child. There are a lot of conflicting reports emerging. The case is said to have been transferred under NSA act and to the fast track court. The lawyers association has also condemned and issued a statement that no local lawyer would fight against the case, they all would standby the girl's family.

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    Kathua and Aligarh incidents are horrible and humanity hangs in shame by these shameful incidents. Perpetrators of these crimes are criminals and there can't be religious politics in such incidents.

    These criminals should face the heavy weight of the law so others get a lesson and will think ten times before committing such beastly acts.

    Such criminals can't be sacred and it is an insult to the victims. They are a wild beast in human form. The trauma that both these tender soul would have gone through gives shivers to my spine.

    For 5000Rs these wild beasts killed this innocent soul is highly shocking and condemnable.

    These criminals should get severe punishment because they deserve the heavy weight of the law. All such cases that are pending should get justice without any delay.

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    Unfortunately, in India, such merciless killings also will be viewed by the politicians as an issue between the communities and try to keep the issue under the carpet. This will be more so if a particular minority community is involved in the issue to avoid a loss to their vote bank.
    But media also will not come out with proper information and try to twist the issue as they like. Both politicians and media will be playing a role in such activities. They never allow such issues to go to the public correctly. This is the issue which is to be stopped by both of them in such cases. They should bring out the facts and see that the culprits will be punished.
    Sometimes when we hear such incidents, we will get perturbed and we will fail to understand whether we are in this civilised age or going back.

    always confident

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    Real democracy will be there when all the crimes irrespective of religion and sect are dealt in the same way. There should not be any political angle in these things. Police should their job honestly and book the offenders whichever religion they belong. If we fail in this there is no sanctity in calling ourselves secular.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    But everywhere the police have been working under tremendous pressure of so-called seculars, liberal journalists who are changing the narratives and the vocal minorities, who are scared and peaceful.
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    I just heard the news that the special court in Pathankot has announced the punishment for the Kathua rape case. Out of seven accused, six people have been punished. Three of them sent for life imprisonment while other three who facilitated the crime have been given 5 years of imprisonment. One person based on CCTV footage was freed from accusation. It seems Zee News channel was instrumental in getting this seventh person out of the crime network and it is proved that he was framed by the local investigating crime branch. The carelessness of the crime branch is exposed by this.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, we are hypocrites. We are so concerned about the religion of a criminal too. Unfortunately, criminals do not have any religion but what we see in both cases are shocking. We know politicians in cahoot with media try to divide people on religious grounds and we remain almost as mute spectators. What else can we do! We vote during elections and by that time all such heinous crimes are forgotten. A large section of the population vote based on the tone and tenor of the election campaign. We cannot take the laws in our hands also, therefore, the only thing is to vent our anger through different mediums. Yes, I believe by doing this there will be a revolution someday. We all are waiting for that day when we can say that India is a secular country.

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    #667273 Partha ---Only media and people have taken it as Muslim Hindu fight otherwise its a case of the sick mentality of a person who lends money to a person and kills his child when he didn't return his money on time.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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