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    International tournament rules and Personal messages.

    In the ongoing cricket world cup, MS Dhoni has been wearing gloves with the military insignia that has created a controversy. Wearing it is a symbol of patriotism or support for our armed forces but the ICC has a different view. It has requested MS Dhoni not to wear gloves with personal messages.
    So has Chris Gayle, he has been using the log 'Universe Boss' on his bat. Again ICC has rejected Gayle's plea and has asked him to remove this logo.

    We have seen sportspersons wearing a black armband or a pink cap or even a camouflage cap during international events. The question is can one individual display such images/messages that are personal or country related or should he or she focus on the game and stick to the governing body rules and regulations (in this case - ICC)?
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    I think there is a set dress code in ICC for players and no one can break those norms. If anyone breaks, ICC comes up with a ban or warns the player against doing that.

    However, when it comes to patriotism every player has his national flag on the Cap or helmet and on their chest on their uniform which indicates love and patriotism of a player for the country he represents.

    I think there is no need for other symbols to display players loyalty and patriotism. If any such symbol is creating controversy it is better to avoid.

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    I personally feel that sports should be feel and played like sports. Yes, there is emotions and patriotism in it but we should not connect each and everything in sports to national pride or emotions. Regarding Dhoni, I do not think that he would have ever imagine that his logo in his gloves would create such big controversy. However, back at our country many people have said and thought that he should not remove that logo as its a pride of Indian army. But again, if he allowed, the other players too would bring such logos which may not feel good to others.

    Nevertheless, The Dhoni took it sportingly and remove the logo which he has got special permission to use it. Things have been settled and India has won the match against Australia, now we should focus on the game instead of other unwanted controversy.

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    I think when one is participating in a tournament the code of conduct decided by the Organisers should be followed. Then only the Organisers can make the event a grand success. Otherwise, there will not aby discipline and all the players will do whatever they like. So I feel one should not go for confrontations with the organizers of the event. If there is a concession for a particular player then many people start doing on their own. In such circumstances, it is wise to follow the rule of the land. Dhoni has done a good thing by stop using the glove with the Indian military insignia. Now in yesterday's match, he used gloves without that mark. So the controversy is over now I think
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    Everyone needs to follow the rules & regulations of the committee. The only thing, the committee needs to focus is to be the same without bias for everyone - Players, Board & country. The rules are made for the ease of everyone & to set a standard for that game. All should respect that. We know, many times players wear a black band, showing mourning may be players, flood victims, terrorist attacks, but that all should be with permission.
    If ICC has an objection with the design on the gloves, he can remove it. We know he is being honoured with the high position but World-cup is an international event & every country has its own stand. In order to keep the event going with ease, ICC has come up with the set standard of rules which all the board & players are aware of.

    Let's not get into controversies, instead, concentrate on our game & win the cup for the country which will, in turn, be the best support & respect one can give to the country.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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