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    Which field is more difficult to make a career - academics or sports?

    There was a time when most people went for education and made their careers through academics. Gradually there were opportunities arising in other fields also and sports is one of them. Many people have made glorious careers in the sports area. Today students can choose to get coaching and training in an apex sports club or coaching agencies and try to make a career in the selected sport.

    What is the comparative scope in these two areas - academics and sports? Which one is more difficult to pursue? Please share your experience and knowledge regarding this.
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    As the competition is tough in sports also so to make a career in sports too is not easy to make. But unlike in the past, there are lots of training centres where one can learn and get trained in interested sports.

    Both things are difficult but still, I feel making a good career in sports is much easier than academics.


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    Today making a career in any line whether it is academics, sports or business is equally difficult. The reason is obvious and that is the more number of contenders and tough cut throat competetion.

    Only thing is a student or candidate must choose the line where he has interest and liking. That will give him the motivation and momentum for hard work and then only he can success in the desired path. Some people join a stream just on the basis of its job prospectively but later find that it was not their cup of tea. But it is too late to repent then. It is always advisable to choose a path where you not only feel comfortable but enjoy your work. That is of paramount importance.

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    Career making needs determination and proper approach to achieve it. One has to undergo a lot of hard work and dedication to make his career. Patience and persistence are needed to achieve what one wishes to achieve in life.

    Same is the case with academics and sports field. One needs to burn the midnight oil to make a career in these fields with dedication and positive approach.We see a lot of people are pursuing what one wishes to pursue as a career, so it is a bit difficult but again hard work, determination, and persistence are important to achieve the goal.

    If you don't have such qualities to achieve your dream, then yes it is difficult for all those who fear to compete with others and lose hope even before getting into the 'battlefield'!

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    I think, no field is easy to build a career. In any field, be it academic or sports demands hard work and struggle to be successful.
    I have habit of reading and watching interviews of various personalities like sportsman, politicians, Bollywood stars etc. and when i hear their stories of hard work and struggle, it makes us realize that everyone has to face difficulty to build their career, whether it is Bollywood, academic, sports, politics, business etc.
    So, in my opinion, we may not compare academics and sports. Also, your passion and interest of area also plays vital role in your success and career building.

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    I feel academics have a large number of openings in comparison to sports. Take for example in cricket, every cricketer would aspire to represent the Indian cricket team, but only playing eleven and a few more extra players get an opportunity to play for the country. Domestic cricket is there but they are not considered as successful as the national players. Nowadays, IPL has brought in some openings for some talented cricketers, but still, is it enough?

    I would say the sports coaching institutes are having a gala time. Many youngsters are joining the coaching centres, but most of them do not make a place for themselves in a sports team. Academics have a lot more opening so a sincere effort would carve a career, but the limited scope has made sports a far off dream for many.


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    The present-day population is very high and everywhere there are more people and fewer openings. So people who will stand in the top slots only will have more chances. It is true for other careers as well as for a career in sports. So hard work and dedication are important for getting the opportunities. One can do this if he has an interest in the work he is doing. Otherwise, it is not possible. So one should choose the field he likes more than going by the opportunities available.
    The chances for a person to have a good career in sports or a related field are very less. The time period in that career will also be very less when compared to other areas. Of course, if some is getting a very good name in these fields the companies will offer them jobs and they will be the brand ambassadors of that company. But the chances will be less in these fields.

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    I personally feel gone are the days wherein most people had a good career, a permanent job, and a decent pay packet. At present, the biggest risk seems to be ever increasing pool of potential employees and advancing age, by the time we hit the 40s, we become financially less viable in many sectors; this over-rides the experience that one has accumulated.

    When it comes to academics vs sports, the crucial factor in the inborn talent and aptitude for it. Some people are gifted, some learning and excel quickly when compared to others. This would be obvious during the teens/UG level.

    The second factor is the support one receives in terms of pursuing one's dream in sports or academics. For instance, rifle shooting/tennis needs good infrastructure and often we have to choose private institutes and the financial costs to parents and individuals is quite high.

    Thirdly, the chances or lack of chances for young upstarts to build their career. IPL is a rage in India, if you look at the pre-IPL and IPL eras, the avenues for the budding cricketers to showcase their talent and earnings are obviously different.

    Lastly, the shelf-life or years of productivity. Obviously, a career in sports is not a lifetime job. After a few years, age, injuries, etc begin to catch up. One has to change over to a coach, advisory, commentator, etc.

    So, one has to view the choice based on a few key factors, on balance a career in academics with potential global employment would be a better choice for upcoming youngsters.

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    Every career has its own ups and downs. Whether its a career in academics or sports, one has to have interest, dedication and the openness to learn. In every field we find change and one need to keep up with the requirements.

    Earlier, many people knew only about some kinds of jobs - doctors, engineers, teachers, banks, accounting, etc. Sports was never taken as a career and was a part time. No one was encouraged to take sports as a career and would find it difficult to fight with society in order to reach the much desired position.

    Now, as technology has taken over, many have opened their mind set and has known about many other offbeat jobs which can be taken as a career. We see many opportunities which was unknown during last decades.

    Academics or sports, a job or career should be the one which gives satisfaction instead of compulsion. We find opening in many areas where one can apply.
    In academics - Teaching (Schools, tutions, coaching centres), Arts ( Own shop, tutions, etc.), Accounts ( Shops, malls, banks, societies, schools, etc), science ( research, labs, etc.), Media and many other openings.
    In sports - Play (country, state, clubs, etc. ), Coach ( schools, clubs, etc.), Fitness ( Gym, schools, etc.), Commentary(Tv, Radio, clubs, society, etc.), Media and many other openings.

    So now you have many options that are open and one can select any or both depending upon their interest. Any field you select at the end should provide you with your basic needs ( Roti, kapda, makan) and at the end, satisfaction, improvement and responsibility. One need to give his 100% in the work that he takes up.

    If you have opt to select the career that is of your interest and gives you sense of fulfilment, any difficulties you find will be solved by a smile and you will discover solution for each and every problem. So always try to select the career of your choice which will give you contentedness when you look back and will bring a smile on your face for the achievement you made at the end.

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    I think you can`t compare sports and academics
    To becomebrilliant at academics you need be cleaver,to know a lot and spend all your free time learning new stuff or analyzing something you`ve already learned
    To become a sport star you need a system, your daily routine should include80% of sports, sport is your hobby, your job and your friend, you need to be faster, better, stronger then everybody around you

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