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    Can Prashant Kishore help Mamata Banerjee to win Assembly election in 2021?

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    Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal and Trinamool Supremo, has entrusted Prashant Kishore to improve the fortune of her party in the next Assembly election to be held in 2021. There is no doubt that Mr. Prashant Kishore is a great political strategist. He has helped to bring glory and power to many political parties. The latest example of his ability is YSR Congress' astounding electoral success in Andhra Pradesh. Many people consider him a wizard.

    But can this wizard:

    (a) alleviate the poverty of crores of Bengali people?
    (b) industrialize West Bengal in less than two years?
    (c) solve the problem of unemployment of Bengali youth before 2021?
    (d) push back crores of Bangladeshi infiltrators who have changed/going to change the demographic profile of at least eight border districts of West Bengal?
    (e) send the criminals of a particular community to jail?
    (f) punish the rioters of Baduria, Basirhat, Caning, Kaliachak, Dhulagarh and other places of the state?
    (g) check the implosion of the ruling Trinamool Congress?
    (h) bring back the past glory of the state in education and culture in less than two years?

    If the answers to the above questions are yes, then Prashant Kishore, the great election wizard, can help Mamata Banerjee to again come to power in 2021.

    If the answers to the questions are no, then even ten Prashant Kishore-s won't be able to save Mamata-didi led Trinamool losing heavily in 2021 Assembly election.
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    Elections are not won by merely help of election strategist. Prashant Kishore's track record is very good and there is no doubt about that but there are also examples when he was the election strategist and despite of that, his clients lose the elections. One example is Akhilesh Yadav who took help of Prashant Kishore and still lost the election of Uttar Pradesh assembly very badly and BJP on the other hand got unprecedented majority.

    People nowadays have become much more informed and alert than they were before 2014 because of internet and social media. Recent election has also proved that people are now tired of negative and disruptive politics and if there's option available, they won't hesitate to take tough decisions.

    In fact, recent verdict in LS elections, Trinamool Congress has suffered loss of many seats compare to 2014 LS elections and the reason is very evident. The continuous hypocrite behavior of Bengal Chief Minister on every issue, lack of good governance, High number of cases of violence and riots, Muslim appeasement politics etc. has make people aware of reality of Mamata Banerjee and her policies and politics has failed. She has probably foreseen her heavy defeat in upcoming Bengal Assembly Elections and therefore she's trying hard to win elections by making several decisions including taking help of Prashant Kishore.

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    I don't think the election strategist can you make a plan about the way in which you can canvass and what are the schemes that may help you in getting votes and he may be helpful to you in selecting the best possible candidates from the party. But he can't influence the people to turn sides.
    These days the voters are also getting information through social media and they have a better knowledge about the way in which they have to vote. So I don't think by hiring Prashant Kishore alone winning is not possible.
    The present state of affairs in West Bengal shows that the CM is desperate and she knows that she is not going to win in the coming assembly elections in 2021.
    But if she is really interested she should concentrate more and state administration and change her attitude. She should see that people are happy in her government. Otherwise, there is no chance for her to be successful

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    Today West Bengal is going through a transformation from leftist thinking to a nationalist ideology because the whole country is going through that change and in such a circumstances how West Bengal can remain aloof. So, people are understanding that a national integrity is of prima importance. Another thing which is coming in common perception is the tackling the terrorism in the country because terrorist acts can happen anywhere anytime.

    A large number of people are now understanding that a common honest leadership in the centre can bring laurels to the country in international arena and that will definitely increase our presence in trade and business everywhere. So the strings between states and centre will be strengthening further with time. In such new developments it is difficult to predict how much effective will be the skills of Prashant Kishore.

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    It would be a difficult task for Prashant Kishore to replicate the AP/Jagan's success story in WB/Mamata Banerjee. In Andhra, the mood of the people was to have a change. The appeal of Jagan's YSR was far more than that of Chandrababu Naidu. This helped along with the poll strategy. In 2017, Prashanth delivered for the Congress in Punjab but failed in UP. This alliance or agreement is not surprising because it's a question of need and availability. One has delivered success, other is looking to be successful..

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    In West Bengal, the fight is between the leftist and nationalist forces and we do not know what will be the result of this fight as it is to be decided by the public of West Bengal. Slowly Mamata Banerjee is losing grip on the public of West Bengal which is going to be an adverse thing for her political career which is confined to that corridor only. Let us see the verdict of people in coming state elections.
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    In West Bengal everywhere, in every front there is depression and degradation in the society. There is no industrial growth, only the growth of unemployment is seen. Such a severe situation is prevailing in West Bengal nowadays that the younger generation, who are serious about their studies, are seriously thinking to continue their studies after schooling from other province than West Bengal. In everywhere, school, colleges, universities, in respect of education, administration, election etc., in every font, there is political interference. Here general standard of education has been so poor that I feel ashamed that this Bengal has given birth to Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and so many noble genius souls. Many good schools, colleges and universities are still running in West Bengal, but they have to exist with great pains and fight frequently against dirty politics for their existence.

    I know it very well that the reputed schools and colleges under Ramakrishna Mission had to fight very often against dirty politics to save their institutions.

    On the other hand Cheat Fund business has flourished in West Bengal under the regime of Mamata Banerjee. So many poor and middle class people had been cheated that they lost the last farthing of their only savings. Everywhere there is corruption and disparity.

    Now West Bengal is breathing with great pains. But after 2021, if the result goes in favor of TMC and her supremo Mamata Banerjee, then West Bengal will breathe her last.

    Now let us see, what can do Prasanta Kishore for Mamata Banerjee!

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    Solving any or all of the issues raised by the author does not seem to be of any help to Prashant Kishore, nor any other wizard, to aid Mamta and the Trinamool Congress because the BJP has very tactically played the (contagious and dangerous) card of deterioration of law and order in the State which can ultimately be diverted to its advantage by the party as and when the time comes. When the State has to focus entirely on keeping the law and order under control, one need not say that all other issues will take a backstage; and that is what exactly the BJP under the cunning and watchful eyes of Shri Amit Shah, with the blessings of Shri Modi wants at the moment, keeping in mind the leap (we know how) the party could make in the recent elections to the Lok Sabha in the State.
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    The terrible woman has brought the state in such a pathetic condition that even ten Prashant Kishore-s won't be able to save her and her party. Glaring defeat awaits this woman.

    But we don't know how many innocent lives she would take before leaving.

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