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    Why is Navjot Singh Sidhu losing status day by day?

    Navjot Singh Siddhu is losing his place everywhere and day by day. Things were different when he was in the BJP. Everything he spoke was positive at that time but nowadays, whatever he speaks smacks of negativity. What might be the main reasons for this sudden change?

    Is this problem due to the party change or is it the problem of Siddhu only? I think he is not serious about the situation and does not think about the result of what he is talking. Does he love Pakistan?

    Please share your views to get more clarity on this.

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    Now he has only work which he knows better to do. Sit at home and "Thoko Taali".

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    He is not fit for a political assignment. He was under good control when he was in BJP. But later on, when he changed his party he has become a different person altogether. He was humiliated when he went for the swearing-in ceremony of Pakistan president and a good player of cricket in yesteryears. Even then he has not learnt the lessons I think. He wanted to become a big leader and tried in BJP and there he was shown his place. So he left the party and now he is so desperate that what to talk and what not to talk, he is not able to decide correctly. I think now he is at the end of his political career.
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    There has been a clash of egos between Mr.Amarinder Singh and Mr.Sidhu, his portfolios have been changed and he has been sidelined. Sidhu seems to have got into more and more controversy since the train accident and his visit across the border.
    He has met Mt. Rahul Gandhi to update his problems, let's see if he will regain his good position, if not yes, he would be slowly loosing his position in the political arena.

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    Navjot Singh Sidhu is an over-confident person thinking that he is the God of the world. When he was in NDA, he used to criticize Congress and he was the one who gave Rahul Gandhi the name 'Pappu'. He tried to gain more power than he deserved in BJP, resulting in verbal clashes with BJP leaders and ultimately losing all his respect and influence in the party. But the main point is, he did not give up his seat till the government was in power even though he had lost all his respect in the party.

    Later, he tried to float a political party of his own in collaboration with a few local leaders but failed miserably. Later on, when he could see no future in politics, he had no choice left but to join Congress. Initially, there were talks in the party that Sidhu could become the CM of Punjab but since Amarinder Singh had a much greater influence, he couldn't become the Chief Minister. When Sidhu's friend and colleague Imran Khan became the PM of Pakistan, he could not resist it and his ego was hurt badly.

    During the current Lok Sabha elections, Sidhu insisted on letting his wife contest the Chandigarh seat instead of the three-time MP Pawan Bansal and he himself wanted to contest the Amritsar seat. He made a few public statements declaring that he could alone help Congress win all the Lok Sabha seats in Punjab, thus challenging Amrinder Singh. Everybody knew that after his statements about Pakistan and the Amritsar train tragedy, he had not the slightest chances of winning. Amrinder Singh, being the senior leader and head of Congress in Punjab refused his proposal and blocked it. Sidhu, with his ego hurt badly, started the verbal clashes with the CM of Punjab, thus attracting criticism from all senior leaders of the party.

    Navjot Singh Sidhu should realise that politics is not his cup of tea and should just do cricket commentary or sit on 'The Kapil Sharma Show' and laugh like madmen so that other people do not laugh at him!

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    Long back, Sidhu has proved himself an idiot by his reckless comments. He has been at loggerheads with Captain Amarinder Singh, the CM of Panjab. Sidhu is being cut to the size by the Captain after his reckless comments in Pakistan and before, during and after the election.

    Rahul, Priyanka or Sonia are not being able to save him from Captain's wrath.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and given good reply. I selected one as a best answer . Keep it up and good going all. All the best.
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    It is said that 'weigh your tongue before you speak'. Unfortunately Mr. Sidhu has not followed it in his speeches and made so many comments which were not liked by the public at large. This lead to the dwindling reputation of Mr. Sidhu and today we are seeing the result of that in our country. When you are holding an important post and being considered a celebrity in the country you should be very careful what you are talking in public.
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    Because he seems to be a lier. When he was in BJP he used to show his anger towards Sonia Gandhi and when he joined Congress he almost touched the feet of the same person. I have seen the videos of both on Facebook. Maybe the people understood that he is not a right person that's why he is losing the status day by day.

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    Public speaking is a good thing but some people use offensive and insulting language while delivering speeches in public platform. The public will clap and make lot of applaud and noise on that but it should not be taken as honouring the speaker. Mr Sidhu has not cared about the words he has used in the rallies and was a bit casual about the offending things he had spoken at many occasions. He was not talking of the main points and agenda which is required today in our country and to gain cheap popularity he was simply using a foul language. What happened at last is obvious and understandable. He lost his reputation in the process and his political career is at jeopardy.
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    Navjot Singh Sidhu is not a politician who grew with and worked with grassroots politics. He was accepted and became somewhat popular in the fields he touched. So by and by the successes or acceptances got into his head and he became overconfident and feel that he is inevitable for anything or any party. Naturally, when one becomes swollen-headed he loses his reason and logic, loses politeness and utters anything. There starts the downfall. Sidhu is now having the starting of this stage. He can recover if he understands reality and mends his negativity.

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    you're right that when he was in BJP, things were different and he used to speak in positive language. It all has changed since he has joined Congress. You see, this is the impact of culture of party on their members. The party that openly supports Article 370, that is soft of fight against terrorism, that has culture that you can praise Prime Minister of Pakistan but praising Prime Minister of India is a sin, what else can we expect.
    Navjot Sinh Siddhu has lose his reputation badly because of his comments in favour of Pakistan and that too in a period when our soldiers were got martyred due to pak sponsored terrorists and it was need of the time for everyone to come together and speak in one language and one voice against Pakistan and it's support to terrorism.
    People of India are patriotic and cannot tolerate such kind of behavior that was done by Siddhu and therefore he is responsible for his loss of reputation. In my opinion, he has lost his mind for power and to prove his importance in politics and he shall seriously introspect.

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