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    How to make this website useful

    I am new to this website and registered a day before.So how I should use this website to earn money and how will be the payment methods.What kind of articles should I prepare to post on this website? What kind of pics and documents should I prepare and so how I can go to the higher levels of this website?
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    Welcome to you on this site. It is a good place for people who want to learn and get educated. At the same time, you have fair chances to make money also. You are requested to go through the Help topics. On top of the web page, there is a blue bar and on that, the various pages available on the website are given. Just click on More and a list will drop down. In that, you can click on help topics and you can go through all the pages. That will give you a good idea about the site.
    Then in the article section index, on the top of the list, there are some good articles which will give you a very good idea about the article writing on this site and methodology to be followed. You go through those articles once and you will get familiarised with the article section and how to post an article.
    Similarly, you read the threads which are pinned and are there on the top of the forum index. Those threads are mainly for your understanding about the do's and don'ts on this site. Once you go through those threads also you will become very much familiar with the site and you can go ahead with your work. All the best to you.

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    Welcome to ISC and I assure you that you are at the right place if you have desire to learn the ways of creative writing. You will know the things from the help sections but there are some basic things which I will like to share with you.

    This section called forum section is vibrant out of all the sections and members post their ideas and topics for discussions. You can see these forum discussions yourself and find out the flow of ideas and level of knowledge and information being shared. For every post or response here, you will get general points ranging from 1 to 5. Every week a few outstanding threads will be rewarded general points as well as cash points in the range 40 to 60.

    Another section is Ask Expert section where you can answer the questions asked by other members. Depending upon the quality of answer you can get general points as well as cash points ranging from 1 to 20.

    Then comes the article section where you can submit your articles and once approved can get general as well as cash points ranging from 10 to 100 or even more depending upon content.

    There will be regular contests where you can participate and win prizes. For good contributors additional monthly awards in the range of 150 to 500 cash points are also there.

    On the same lines there are general points and cash points awarded in other sections. You have to post your own contents and refrain from copying as it is strictly prohibited here.

    In the beginning, for a few months, you forget about earnings and only focus and concentrate in learning. Have patience, stay here for a longer period and some earnings will automatically come to you. All the best.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Most of the point are covered by the above two post.

    For me,
    Just keep on posting your view related to the posted thread. Be precise, to the point & be creative. You can always give you point of view instead of just copy past.

    Do participate in the weekly competition, try to contribute as much as possible.

    Just a start, all the best.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Basically we, the members, are using this site for entertainment purpose. Some of the articles are good, information updates can be useful but members don't take any interest. Schools and colleges reviews are obsolete and Job sub-section is gradually losing its importance.
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    The guiding principle of this site is 'Learn to Earn, Earn to learn'. It is a great place for the budding writers and especially for those who want to sharpen their English language. Be here for some time and you will feel the difference in your writing style and presentation of contents. Many members will agree with me that staying here for long times and taking part in the creative contests like writing on a particular topic or writing a part of the ebook etc are going to add valuable creative writing skills to the existing calibre of the members and that is what we get in return of our time spent in ISC, of course along with the monetary gain from ISC as well as earnings from the associated Google Adsense account.

    So get acquainted with different sections in ISC and contribute content as per your liking and interests.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome to ISC, initially, I would suggest to interact in the forum, reply to the forum topics, post a couple of threads in the forum of your own are reading the guidelines. Once you get the hang of the rules and the site, then you can venture into articles, ask the experts to earn a little more. You can also participate in the contests and win prizes. The earnings depend on your contribution and the section in which you contribute.
    Please refer the links below.

    how to earn from ISC.
    pictures submission.
    posting guidelines.
    article submission.

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