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    Kathua Verdict: justice delivered!!

    Today, on 10/06/2019, the special court in Pathan Court, Punjab, has delivered judgment in Kathua rape case. The court has convicted six out of seven accused. One juvenile has got acquitted because of lack of evidence. out of six convicted, three of them including prime accused were sentenced for life imprisonment of 25 years for kidnapping, murder, rape and common intentions under sections 366, 302, 336 and 34 of Ranbir Penal Code(RPC) respectively. Remained three convicted were police officers punished for five years of imprisonment for the destruction of evidence under section 201 of RPC.

    It was a heinous crime and the whole nation was in shock and anger. The judiciary was expected to pronounce a strong verdict which will set an example but what they actually pronounced is, in my opinion, very soft considering the gravity of the crime.

    In my opinion, all the accused are supposed to be hanged and that's the only way of justice for such heinous crimes.
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    I just posted my remarks in other thread Let us compare Kathua vs Aligarh
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    Umesh, your thread is not about Kathua Verdict. It's about hatred spread by one group of people using Kathua rape case as a political tool and their hypocrisy and selective approach towards crimes in India.
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    I agree with the author. All the convicts should have been given the death penalty. Well, the judgement may be delivered based on the evidence provided to the court and the judges' award death penalty to the rarest of rare cases. If such heinous crimes, like the case mentioned here, is not fall under the rarest of rare category then I do not know which cases do fall under that category. As long as exemplary punishment is not meted out to the perpetrators of the heinous crimes like rape and murder it will be hard to reduce the rate of such crimes. Justice is delivered, but I feel the punishment is lenient.

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    The Special Court has found six persons guilty of the crime and one person has been acquitted. The punishment in respect of six persons has been announced. There is no doubt that those who have been found guilty will move to the higher Court.

    Regarding the quantum of punishment, this case can be compared with the Nirbhaya case verdict.

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    That's good that the girl got the justice but justice they did is not equal to the pain the girl might have suffered in those 4 days. In my opinion, all the culprits should have been given at least the death sentence. Till we don't fix some strict penalties on the rapists such incidents will happen in future too.

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    Though justice was delayed, but finally it was delivered. They should have been hanged to death, even the police officers, but the nation is happy today. Hope no one ever dares to do such crimes again!

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    Life imprisonment is a small punishment, they should have been hanged along with those who openly took out rallies and carried tricolor to defend these rapists.

    Soon these rapists may be released, and contest election to be in parliament! Death is their only punishment for the gruesome assault they did on the tender soul.

    Now BJ P has not digested this court's decision so, has criticized the decision and calls it a flawed one!

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    Unless & until the law for such heinous crime is not a death sentenced, people will read about RAPE cases every now & then. India need to bring a stringent law & the accused, if proved guilty should be hanged. This will at least have a terror effect of peoples mind & will refrain from such crimes.

    What's the use of giving such criminals life imprisonment, wherein people's money is wasted. If they have a political support, then being in prison or home is the same as they will be provided all facilities inside.

    When can we see a change in our law???

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    I agree with the view that punishment is not as expected. At least they might have been given a death sentence. They will be in jail and the government will have to pay for their food and other requirements. Why such type of people shouldn't be hanged? But one good thing to be mentioned is the court has delivered the justice quickly.
    Three were given life imprisonment and another three were given jail for 5 years.
    But I don't think such punishments will help anyway to stop such issues in this country. People are not happy with this. The authorities should think and all the political parties should come together and make some amendments and see that such people will be given punishments which will make them understand the difficulties the other person faced because of the crimes committed by them. No other issues should be considered and no one should think of their vote banks.

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    I reiterate that the quantum of punishment in this case is similar to that given in the Nirbhaya case. Further, the prosecution can also appeal against the quantum of punishment.
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    The justice is delivered but the quantum of punishment is not as per the severity of the crime. I feel judiciary should consider these cases from the angle of their repetition in future. Once the punishment awarded is strong then people will be afraid to go for such crimes.
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    I also agree that seeing the severity of crime, the punishment should have been substantially more. Anyway judges have their own discretion and example past cases as precedence and they have to take a holistic view of the things. Personally speaking in such cases punishment no less than hanging should be awarded so that the offenders should think twice before going ahead for such heinous crime. Judges have much difficulty in analysing such complicated cases as the framed accusations and framed charges are very difficult to decipher out for their genuineness and the cooperation from the police forces and crime branch is also of paramount importance.
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    Justice is finally delivered to the poor victim and her family. Most of us as mentioned in the replies feel that the sentence is too light for the nature of the crime. There are several examples wherein the courts find the suspect guilty but the quantum of punishment is meager. Here comes the age-old discussion or debate about the justification of capital punishment and the basic rights of a criminal.

    Like many others, I feel the Indian penal code formulated more than a hundred years ago needs a major overhaul because the society has changed, people have changed, the nature of crime and the age of the victims has changed. But still, we remain too docile when it comes to handing over landmark penalties.

    I think the Indian lawmakers and the legal minds should keep in mind the rights of the victim, their families and the society at large. When it comes to setting an example (capital punishment as a deterrent) the law should send a strong message that would reduce future potential criminals and also respect the suffering of the victim and their families for no fault of theirs.

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