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    The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

    What we have in our hand is the present. Past is already gone. It is over. Future is not known. So it is only the present which is with us and gives us opportunity to do something to make our future bright. It looks so simple. But it is not so easy to shape our future until we work hard with all out efforts so that we can reap the benefit of those efforts in future. So to concentrate in our work in present and focus for our goals is the key to get success in life.

    In essence, what we do today shapes our life tomorrow. Do you also agree with this? What are your views on this.
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    Yesterday was nothing but a dream
    Tomorrow is a vision of hope
    Therefore enjoy your life today.
    (I read it somewhere sometime)

    No life without Sun

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    Be present. Think about the Present. Utilise this fruitfully. Yesterday will not come back. Tomorrow is uncertain. So today that too this moment is yours. So do what best and what maximum you can do, Don't waste the present moment thinking that we can do it afterwards. But sometimes we may have multiple tasks on our hand and we will be not able to attend all the works at one time. In such a case, it is our duty to prioritise the works and attend the top one immediately and give the next preference to the next work. Keep doing and you will be rewarded. We should not waste the time postponing the works. We don't know tomorrow we may have to attend much important work tomorrow. In such a case you may fail to complete the work tomorrow. So do it now. This should be the attitude one should have in life.
    always confident

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    We all know that present will shape our future but we are so focused ot taken over by the past that our present goes in misery thinking of the past & losing the present, hence the future. We know the step taken now will ease the length in the future but we are too much attached with the past. We think too much of the past, mistakes, difficulties, hurdles faced, insults & have a tendency of thinking of what we should have said, done or thought of at that time but missed.
    We all know that the past life will never return but can be a stepping stone to make our future bright by doing our best in the present. We need to learn to live our life in the present & enjoy to the fullest instead of crying over the past & thinking more of the future.
    The best part to live is present is to forgive & forget your past, stop worrying about the future & live happily in the present for that's what you have in hand. Past is already past, Future you never know but present is the present God has given you, enjoy, work hard & live as if you are to die tomorrow.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    It is very true that we have only the 'present' time with us and that is the time when we can do whatever efforts we want to do for our future or to shape our destiny. Those who take full advantage of their present and work hard in it, get the success in their life. 'Present' is precious, let us not waste it. Time wasted time never comes back. It is irreversible as time flows in one direction only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A lovely message that highlights the importance of 'the present' and its impact on the future. Many people tend to spend more time regretting the failures or basking in the glory of the past. Some spend time worrying about the future or having a lofty dream of a rosy future. In this bargain, they forget the present. Man can neither re-write the past nor know the future. But certainly, he can script a potential success story of his own.

    The time at hand, at present should be spent wisely so that we can work towards realizing our future dreams. During our school days, most of us would have dreamed of scoring the first rank but only the student who has put in the effort sincerely would be successful.

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