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    Fuljar soda is making waves in Kerala as new summer drink

    Have you heard of this? Fuljar or full jar, nobody know the exact meaning but is famous through social network(Tiktok & You tube) among youngsters & even oldies. Many are trying this. Fuljar soda is making waves replacing the favourite 'Kulukki sherbet'.

    Fuljar soda is made by adding a masala composite to chilled soda. The drink got attention first by its name-"Fuljar" meaning a full jar because it overflows the big glass used for drinking this. It is prepared in two ways: hot and sweet. Both types are served in two glasses — one large glass tumbler and the other a small or short glass.

    The short glass has a masala mixture is in liquid form and is made by using pudina, ginger, green chilly, poppy seeds, lemon and salt. A tall glass tumbler is then filled with chilled soda and the short glass is slowly dropped into it. The shot glass then slowly settles at the bottom of the tumbler and on its way, foams the soda. The beverage is then drunk instantly even as the large tumbler is overflowing.

    Fuljar has a spicy and sweet variety. In some recipes, neem leaves, honey and cinnamon are added to weave in other traditional flavors. Several variants of the Fuljar soda, especially with fruit-based flavors, are cropping up in cool bars across Kerala & the recipe changes based on customer needs.

    Have a try & i'm sure you will enjoy!!!
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    A piece of new information to me. I never knew that the soda could be supplied in two glasses like this.
    In Hyderabad, I have never seen this anywhere. There are very famous varieties of Sodas here also. There is a soda called Masala Soda. The vendor will add a spoon of this Masala to a glass and then fill the glass with a chilled soda and mixes and offers. The taste of this material will be good.
    Lemon Soda is also very famous here. Two types of lemon sodas are available. One is with lemon and sweet. The other one is lemon and salt. The soda with lemon and salt will be very tasty and we always prefer this. Now as it is summer there are many Soda Hubs in Hyderabad offering a wide variety of flavoured sodas. Once the heat comes down these shops will get vanished.
    I will try to take Fuljar soda if it is available in Hyderabad.

    always confident

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    One glass of Fuljar Soda offers you a myriad of taste - from hot to sour finishing with sweet. As you push forward to drink this with bubbles flowing down. You can trace the path taken by the drink as it gushes down the food pipe.

    The drink is yet to reach out to every nook and corner of the country. You can even try it at home, with the common ingredients in hand.

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    Summer drink? Monsoon started in Kerala.
    I prefer all season drinks!
    Kerala is the land of wonderful varieties of beverages. I would like to know whether this type of Soda can be used in place of normal soda??
    Thanks the Author for the new information.

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    Yes, You can use any soda but see to it that it is chilled. You can also try this at home with the common ingredients - Lime juice, Pudina juice, Chile paste, Ginger Juice, Sugar & salt according to your taste, not forgetting the main item Soda.
    Do search for videos of fuljar making in youtube, which will help you in getting it done in correct way.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    In A.P we had a very special Soda called Goli Soda which is very popular from ancient times onward. A glass bottle filled with pure water is filled with carbon dioxide gas at high pressure. The bottle has a knuckle at the top where a marble will be placed. When this marble will be pushed down, the gas comes out with a characteristic sound. A soda under chilled condition in summer season mixed with lemon and salt will make you feel in heaven. Definitely it will reduce your thirst. At present sweet and Masala type of Sodas are also available. Now a days in big cities we are getting a glass of Soda water with different tastes like pudina, strawberry, pineapple, grapes, watermelon are available for just Rs.5.

    Especially in summer season I will take a glass of very cold water in which I mix lemon juice and salt. This lemon juice water makes me refreshing especially when we get into our house on hot day from outside. Similarly light buttermilk with little salt and lemon juice also have the same effect.

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    An interesting post about this new drink in the town. People are very innovative and will come out with new interesting recipes. Due to the natural ingredients like Pudina, Cinnamon, Ginger and Green Chillies it will give a good flavour and slowly will catch with the people. Foaming soda will add to the thrill of it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Sounds like a spicy drink for a change. People are innovative and come up with new ideas and recipes. A very simple version which I have tried is chilled soda added to a small amount of chat masala and honey. This gives a good froth and a spicy tang to the soda. You can try it!

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    Summer is on its peak and the shopkeepers will woo the customers with all sort of cool and fuzzy drinks. In fact any new flavour with lot of ice and soda will catch with the public quickly as that is required in the scorching heat. The idea of mixing some local ingredients is a good one as many people have started believing in the household items like pepper, ginger, mint, chillies etc for taste enhancement rather then going for the synthetic colour and flavours which are not good for the health. I hope Fuljar phenomenon in road side cool drinks will spread to other places also in pour country and will become a drink of the year.
    Knowledge is power.

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