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    Hold on to those posts

    Some of you are posting comments on freshly submitted articles, which have not yet been approved. Though comments are always welcome, because they add value to the piece, I would suggest that you hold on to your comments until after the posts have been approved.

    This rule about when to post comments was suggested to members a few years ago. Imagine a scenario wherein the article where you posted your comment doesn't get accepted. In that case, your effort goes in vain.
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    I would suggest that the article or post that is not approved or need approval should be locked until the post is approved. This will automatically make people / readers wait till the post is approved, instead of making a rule & asking others to follow.
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    Of course, you'd like things simplified to suit your convenience, but that's not how things work.

    Writers earn revenue from their contributions, as does ISC. Anything that is posted on ISC immediately goes live and becomes eligible for Adsense revenue. It would be imprudent to withhold that earning opportunity.

    I made the suggestion based on previous recommendations. To follow or not is entirely your discretion. The editorial team will probably get in touch with you with the same suggestion.

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    The point you pointed out is true, Editor post a content to earn revenue but what if the content is not approved. The point you mentioned in your first post lies there itself that the comment/ time is wasted. It would be good & convenient for everyone that the post is available for comment only after approval.

    This is just a suggestion, to take or leave is upto the site management team.

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    Please refer to the text at the top of the article, which states "The resource has not been reviewed by Editors yet. Readers are advised to use their best judgement before accessing this resource. This resource will be reviewed shortly. If you think this resource contain inappropriate content, please report to webmaster."

    Thus, the reader is alerted that the article has not been approved. So why post a comment, in that case? Secondly, locking an article for comments is not a good idea. Other than the reason stated by Juana, in case anybody wants to report inappropriate content or copyright content and are unable to contact the Webmaster, submitting a comment stating so is very helpful. Since editors are constantly reviewing content, perhaps even quicker than the communication with the Webmaster is seen by them! In fact, of my own experience, we have received quick alerts like this from members themselves.

    I think it is the responsibility of every member to be plain sensible and not submit comments to articles which are not approved. We even mentioned in our Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines not to post responses to articles which are in pending status. I have updated that to include those in new submissions as well.

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    I also feel that it will be prudent to wait for the approval of the article before we comment on it. It makes hardly a difference of 10-15 days and that is bearable and the enthusiastic reviewers can wait for that time. A good observation by the author.
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    A good observation by the author. I am one of the enthusiastic reviewer of the articles in ISC but I am always waiting for the article to get approved. I think it is a very normal thing to do so. There is no hurry and there are so many approved articles where we can post our comments rather than worrying for the unapproved ones. Now a days I am seeing some nice updated articles which deserve comments from the interested members. They are old articles but after update they are having a fresh lease of life and are worth going through.
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    A timely reminder will keep in mind when replying to articles. On the subject of articles, having gone to a few articles recently, I'm impressed by the quality and the topics. I think members who are not regularly reading articles, should browse through a couple of them at least.

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    That's right. It's better to go to the option "approved articles" if someone wants to read and respond to the articles. It may happen that if someone responds on unapproved articles and it may get rejected due to any reason and the response to gets deleted with it.

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