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    At least for this reason you have to salute Rahul Gandhi

    He may not be a great leader, he may not have achieved what his family had achieved, he may not be currently a material of PM, he may have many fall out. But, one and I feel all will agree with me that the way he takes his criticism. Open the social media and bundles of post will be criticizing him or making fun at him. Every TOM DICK AND HARRY has their own channel to defame him. Yet, I personally very much impress the way he took all these in his daily life and continue his work. I really salute him the kind of patience he has in him.

    When people all around in our society just lose his mind for their little criticism, when people are losing their patience, where people those who support him has no patience and get hyper easily, here is the man called Rahul Gandhi, accepting everything without complaining! It is indeed a great character of his other side of life.

    He is an true example in our country and society as how to take criticism in the life and continue the work. It is indeed not easy to live his kind of life.

    Really Hats off to him.
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    He accepts the criticism only because he doesn't have the ability to counter it. The sycophants moving around him try to counter the criticisms directed against him, but they have also failed miserably. And they quit. One example would be suffice: Divya Spandana.
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    Every person has his own abilities as well as shortcomings. No one is perfect in this world. Rahul Gandhi fought the elections in his own ways with whatever capability he had and the way he was backed by his party men. He acted on his own but most of the times he was going as per the advices of the congress stalwarts. Which did not work in this election. Still he faced all the defeats courageously and has announced that he is only responsible for all this and wants to quit. Yesterday, I came to know that he again expressed his will to quit but he was requested to continue as an interim head. It is unfortunate that congress is not able to search a leadership outside the Nehru family.
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    I also agree with you that Rahul Ghandhi is open to any criticism and always always reacts with calm and composite. Yes, he may not be a better politician but this is the quality that he possess and we should appreciate that.

    I have seen people so treacherous against him sometimes that if other fall into his shoe will definite drag them to the court. To some people Rahul may be happy, but to his party he is a valuable asset which they can't do away with!

    I have seen Rahul inviting media houses for open communication and discuss different aspects and developments of the country including discussion related to his party.

    But then there are others who hide behind the scene and don't have even courage to speak to media and call others with different degrading names to dismantle his confidence.

    I agree Rahul possess the quality to respond his critics with great patience and not gets angry unlike those who do not bear critics, so drag journalists into illegal custody and other repressive tactics.

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    Yes. As the President of Congress party, he has taken the responsibility on his shoulders and expressed his desire to quit the post. That way we should accept that he is having the courage to accept his faults and he has never made somebody else as a scapegoat. Many times it happens that when there is a failure the top boss will through the blame on somebody and wash his hands. But Rahul has not done it.
    The situation as on date in Congress is that there is no mutual agreement on the leadership of anybody except member from Nehru family. If Rahul Gandhi says no. then it is Sonia or Priyanka. That is the state. If all of them says no you will see Congress party getting into many Congress parties which we saw earlier also.
    Every leader will have some good qualities which can be appreciated and but simply having one good quality may not make somebody a great leader.

    always confident

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    Sorry to say but I don't agree with this at all. In this way, we should also salute Vijay Mallya or Dawood Ibrahim or Nirav Modi. Vijay Mallya reportedly met with "Chor Hai" cries at India-Australia Match but it did not matter to him and he left the stadium with a smile on his face. Later, without a bit of shame, he posted a picture on Twitter of him and his son watching the match. ISIS terrorists, facing criticism from every person from all over the world, never stop doing what they do. Political leaders who hold the key posts of some of the most powerful countries, face criticism for a lot of their decisions but they never give up their posts even if the world is on the verge on World War 3! I could name a few, but the list would be too long. The best example is Mr. Donald Trump, who publicly states that there is no such thing as Global Warming and Moon is a part of Mars!

    Leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, who think that they can win votes by stating that Congress would produce gold from a field of potatoes in front of a large population of poor farmers, is mere stupidity. Rahul Gandhi is only in power because of the 'Gandhi' tag. Rahul Gandhi tried his best to give up the post of the presidency of Congress, but the AICC didn't accept his resignation because they know that if the Gandhi tag is removed, Congress wouldn't even win the 52 Lok Sabha seats it has won now! Congress inducted Priyanka Gandhi in the party just before the elections so that the Gandhian tag could become strong!

    A lot of old people who had seen the golden phase of Indra Gandhi are the major ones who still support Congress. They still believe that Rahul Gandhi can bring that golden phase back. But the young ones do not support Congress because they have not seen a bit of development work done by Congress.

    Rahul Gandhi can never be a hero but the Congress can be! It only needs to change its poll strategy and focus more on the welfare of public rather than the 'Gandhian' tag.

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    As the article has mentioned, it's good that a big leader has the guts & courage to face criticism with positivity. Yes, he has the brand tag of " Gandhi" family but we need to understand that he too is a human being & has faults. I think he has improved a lot from this earlier entry in politics.
    I agree that congress need to work well on all ground - from leaders to promotion. They need to give opportunity to their good & strong leaders instead of just the family game. Many people still support Congress & hope to get a good leader from them.
    People nowadays are more open, understanding & knows the truth but need to come out of the religion. Every party has its plus & minus & it will be open to people only after their fall.

    Hoping for a better governance & a better opposition this time for a better Government.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I don't know how many people are aware of this but the reaction you watch by Rahul Gandhi through his social media is not actually his reaction but it's his media administration team who responds to it.
    Let me assure you that he has not capacity to communicate with people without help of his advisory team and he is so bad at that even with the help of his media advisory team, he still makes silly mistakes that turns out to be funny and foolish.
    If he is really accepting the criticism and learning from it, he would not have made those foolish allegations on Prime Minister of getting votes by bluffing to people while rallying in wayanad, Kerala. He is still arrogant like his other family members and his arrogance is evident through his foolish mistakes whenever he communicates in person.

    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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    I don't know how logical it is to compare Rahul Gandhi, with Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi, Dawood Ibrahim or any terrorist organizations. But I can say that he is not as bad as his image has been made in social media. I have posted this thread comparing him with other political leader and not had thought of going to imagine more than it require.
    He is unlike of few leaders, who sent his critics inside the jail!

    My point here to say that the life he is living is not as easy as it looks. He is carrying the burden of the past great leaders. In his every steps, people make fun out of him. It may not be his entire fault but again, just keep yourself in his place just a day, and everything would look crystal clear.

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    Well, not to react to the critics is a special character in the present political scenario. Almost everybody reacts to her/his critics mostly because the person thinks that she/he is always right. Can it be so? People can react in different ways in a different situation, but if this reaction becomes the cause of botheration to the leader, I doubt whether the leader has enough capabilities to lead. You must be clear about your own logic behind any action and you must explain to your critics if the situation becomes uncontrollable. There is no need to respond to every criticism and if you wish to respond to every critic then it will be a wastage of time. Till now, Mr Rahul Gandhi is not responding much to his critics and accepting responsibility for the party's defeat. It looks good but we do not know how he will react if his party starts winning elections in different states and forms government on its own. Actually, since the Congress is faring badly in most of the elections Mr Gandhi doesn't have much to say. Most of his experimentations regarding election campaigning has failed. He is maturing as a leader and since he is not reacting to memes and jokes surrounding him it shows he is least bothered about them. It's indeed a capability of a successful leader, though he has not seen much till now.

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    Yes, I agree that Rahul Gandhi has lots of patience and takes criticism very well. As the author has mentioned in her post that the whole country is criticizing him along with every news channel but still, he takes all the criticism patiently. There is no violent behavior or rage in him. I don't know much about how good of a politician he is or can be but as far as patience is considered, yes, he has plenty of it.

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    Rahul Gandhi was a family candidate and was not chosen from the party so he had an air of high heed about him. He did what the followers of the Nehru family advised him and if lost the election it was not entirely his fault. Moreover he has taken the responsibility on his head and he is adamant on his resigning from the post of party President so that some more capable person can be brought in.
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    Rahul Gandhi is a victim of circumstances, he may lack sound political acumen but is being thrust into a difficult political scenario where the odds are stacked heavily against him. He is the icon of a legendary party that has lost its way completely but yet he is expected to shoulder all the blame and criticism. What can one man do but carry on. Let's not make the forum a place to take pot shots at him.

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    A guy who doesn't know things need not take criticism seriously. RG is a guy who doesn't know about himself or interested to know himself through others. Criticism doesn't matter him. He is a parrot-like guy who has no power of thinking. So criticism is an irrelevant subject to RG.
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