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    One should not have the fear of failure

    Many of us may have to do many works in our lives. We should not hesitate from doing these works with a fear of failure. It is very difficult to pass on our life without experiencing failure. We will not be successful always and in all our works. Sometime we may have a failure also. Under such situations, we should understand the failure better and learn lessons from the failure which will be useful for the people in their future endeavors.
    Thinking that we may fail, not doing any work is not a correct strategy. Fix the goals, plan the execution and execute. Discuss and review during the progress and make amendments wherever necessary. Even after taking all precautions some times we may have to face some failures. Take it as part of life and then only we will be successful.
    Thinking that there will be an accident we can't stop travelling.
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    Failures are a stepping stone. We learn from our mistakes. The first lesson to counter failure need to be learned from our home. If we make our children able to face failure, they will always have the courage any situation in life. The failure is not only in report cards but a "NO" when a thing not important to your kid. He learns the lesson & will try to take it in positive way.
    Now a days, we parents make everything easy for the child, from doing his homework, projects, time-table, making bed, etc for our kids that they just don't know anything & when they face such situations, they tend to feel rejected. Teach your child to take & face failure with confidence. This will take him towards his goal.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Failures and successes will be there in our life. They are to be taken in their strides only. Every time we will not success in our life. Fear of failure is very harmful for us. It can even bring the depressive feelings. We must avoid the fear of failure in our life and again retry after each failure with vigour and strength.
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    Right said by the author. In many cases, we fear to venture out thinking of failure which is actually very regressive. We will fail then try and then ultimately we will succeed. It's an integral part and nobody can deny this. There are many important lessons learnt by analyzing the failures. We get to know why we fail and then rectify it while trying it for the next time. If we keep on delaying things because of the fear of failure then how we will move on to the next step? There is also a very important observation by Varghese @ #667401. Nowadays, parents do everything to make the life of the child comfortable. It seems parents are too caring. This has a downside and we see that children cannot handle failure and remain dependent on others. This should not be the case and children should be taught to handle things themselves by properly explaining them the procedure of doing things. If they fail, let them find out the reason by analyzing the work they have done. This will help them to progress and work independently.

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    Fear of failure is a normal thing in our life and many of us suffer from this syndrome. This is the utmost reason why some people do not try for difficult or tough competitions and other endeavours in life. It is basically our mindset that retards us to participate in the competitive life in our career. Psychologists believe that with efforts and will power such negative thoughts can be overcome in our life and we can learn to fight the life as it is and take the hard times in their strides. This requires a bit extrovert nature, mixing with people, talking about the challenges of life and things like that which create elements of confidence in us and once the confidence builds up, the fear of failures diminishes.
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    Failures are the pillars of success is rightly said. Unless we try we cannot get success. To be successful we should work and should not scare of the failures as failures also are the part of our life and we must accept them. But the fact is we should learn from our failures. Those who learn from it definitely get success when they try the same work next time.

    Consider the example of a player when not getting selected in the national team. What should he do?. He should analyse where he went wrong and should focus more on his weaknesses so that he may get selected in the team next time.

    Unless we fear of the failures we cannot succeed. Therefore we must keep on trying and should give our best and leave the result on God, as a result, is not in your hand only thing is in your hand is to work hard and that we should do always.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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