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    Is age catching up for the aircrafts of our IAF?

    We all are proud of the services rendered by our Armed forces and we salute them for their bravery and will to sacrifice their lives for the country if needed. Likewise, for the families of the armed personnel, sacrificing the lives of their loved ones in the line of duty, though saddening would be understandable. But lives risked and lost due to improper equipment would be frowned upon and difficult to come to terms with.

    We have been hearing about the emergency landing, crashes related to the aircrafts in service. The fleet of around 100 AN-32s are said to be acquired during 1984-1991 and have been upgraded. The recent one to crash is the AN-32 aircraft that went missing form Johrat on June 3, now today the wreckage has been spotted.

    Is age and mechanical failure of the aircrafts proving too costly for IAF?
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    Age is definitely a factor and another thing is the maintenance and timely repair. I do not know what is the exact procedure for condemnation of the old aircrafts and whether it is being followed by the Indian Army or not.
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    It is very clear that the Indian government has not given proper thought for acquiring the aircraft and the other weaponry for Indian defence from 2004 to 2014. That is why our defence is not having proper latest armaments and aircraft and the material they have is also inferior in quality. That is the reason why the BJP government made an agreement with Rafel for the supply of the latest aircraft. This issue has been made controversial by opposition parties. Even after the Supreme Court gave its verdict, the opposition parties not left the issue.
    The second part is the maintenance of the aircraft. I don't know what is the procedure they are adopting and how much capable are they are also not known.

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    Maintenance of aircrafts is a crucial area and all the airlines are struggling in keeping their aircraft air ready and capable of delivering zero accident service. In aviation industry the concept of Six-sigma requires its true application. We can not take chance in the aviation industry and a simple mistake and carelessness is fatal. Indian Air force is also operating various types of aircrafts and it is essential that they should give considerable attention to the upkeep and replacement of the old ones with the new. Running the aircrafts after their predicted age and service period is a risky proposition and if our armed forces are doing it under certain compulsions then those should be mitigated soon. There is no point in using the old machines when there is a high risk of failure is involved.
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