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    If ISC is a confession room. What will you confess?

    Recently I was watching an old movie of AB where he goes to a church and confesses he's going to kill a few people in revenge as they killed his wife.

    Now suppose if this site is a confession room and I ask you what is the thing in your life you did wrong and want to confess. What it would be?

    Everyone does something wrong in his or her life, it's very to find such people who never committed any mistake.

    I would like to admit that I had been cut off from my father due to some family issues. I apologise for my rude behaviour of mine and pray to God for his long and healthy life. I know he is angry with me but I know blood relations are not so weak someday he will also realise it and will call me for a reunion.

    What's your confession?.
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    Confessions is a thing which is normally done by christian to the priest & ask pardon for your sin. You can confess your small mistakes to your besties but its not a good idea of sharing it with others. There is always a chance of getting a bite from them at any stage. It is believed that a know person is much dangerous than an unknown enemy. The priest have to keep the mistake to themself & cannot share it with any one. They can use it as an example but without giving details.
    If ISCians start confessing, here, I think will be in trouble. Better be careful - everyone....

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    Varghese, it's not that you should confess for the things that you may get harmed by the people after reading your response. In life, we do many things which we repent afterwards you may share lighter things you had done wrong in life. Don't share your secrets over here.

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    It is difficult to confess the personal things in an online platform as it becomes equivalent to washing ones linen in public. Still, there are things which are general in their nature and not too personal. I think such things can be shared by the members if they really like to share it.
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    A lovely thought but would not attract true replies in my view. Opening up to our mistakes and wrongdoings is a way to unload our excess emotional baggage. But this should not come at a cost of disturbing our present personal, social and family equations. So, a short prayer to God would be good enough.

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    Firstly, it is ISC and not ICS.

    Secondly, Confession is one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church - it is called the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. It is a sacrament meant for repentance of sins and seeking forgiveness.

    Lastly, I don't see ISC as a confessional nor do I see a need to confess any of my deeds in a public forum. It just does not make sense.

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    Juana, it's not a compulsion to do that.

    As I am using a mobile phone for ISC so I cannot edit my post as there is a drawback that you cannot edit your post. I have already complained about this.

    Request editor to edit the title.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    We must resist the temptation of confessing in an online platform. This thread, although well-meaning, is not appropriate. This thread should be locked.

    No comment on the religious issue, because the author does not consciously bring any religion in this thread. He has used the word 'confession' for the purpose of drawing similarity.

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    This is (ISC) forum and not Individual Confession Service.

    It would have been worthwhile and truthful and pragmatic if instead of writing a (supposed to be)confession, the author could have confessed with his father and asked for forgiveness. Parents generally have a magnanimous heart which melts for their children.

    But if w take the core message minus the personal tint in it, for an academic discussion,then-yes, it is welcome if one can repent sincerely and do remedial action for the sins/ mistakes committed.

    Initially when we are emotional or egoistic, we may not confess to our mistakes and rather try to justify them. It is only later, when we see or suffer the consequences or when we become more mature and broadminded that we are ready to confess and repent. But if this noble characteristic is cultivated earlier it is good .

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