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    A very usual event in many Indian households

    It is almost 10.30 p.m. She got up at 5.30 in the morning, worked non-stop to fulfill the needs of all the family members. Her husband returned completely drunk after 8 p.m, used his belt on her (why, nobody knows) and is now lying on the sofa in a drunken stupor. The in-laws have gone to bed. Now, she has the time for herself, She has five minutes before going to bed.

    She takes the mobile phone and goes to the balcony. She applies ointment on her bruised arm and dials the most familiar number. Her father picks up the phone. The young woman whispers: "I am happy here, Dad. Don't worry about me".

    Can't we make an effort to stop this very usual but painful event which happens in many Indian households?
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    A very moving post that depicts the stark reality in some homes. The saving grace is the eternal love of the daughter towards her parents who despite her own sufferings, puts a brave face and says 'all is well'

    With regards to stopping this ill-treatment and domestic abuse, a lot can be achieved if the in-laws and menfolk at home start respecting the daughter-in-law as a human being, grown-up children and neighbours who witness this should also stand-up against this physical abuse.

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    This is the harsh reality of a few homes. It's strange because today also people don't consider their daughter in law and daughter equal. I have noticed people differentiate.

    Similarly, the daughter in law doesn't give respect to her mother in law as she gives to her mother.

    Things will definitely reduce if the mentality of people changes. But someone has to intervene and should stop this domestic violence.

    It's ironical that after being suffered the daughter doesn't tell the truth to her father.


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    The percentage of such DILs suffering in the hands of her husband or MIL and FIL are comparatively less. It could be the Karma of that DIL who could have ill-treated her DIL or her husband while she was a MIL or wife in her previous birth.

    Indian girls are brought up in such a manner that they respect the home they entered after their marriage by adopting patience and tolerance to a great extent.

    Sass be Kabhi Bahu thee. A phrase to be remembered. Also, Indian wives are very sincere and faithful to their husbands. Patience and tolerance is a great asset to Indian girls.

    "Mere Pathi ko kuchh math karo. Oh Bahuth Achha hai" - would be the words from an Indian wife, despite the ill treatment she faces.

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    It may be happening in a few cases in few of the families but it is a sad story of the plight of the women even in the modern age when we boast so much of gender equality and women empowerment.

    The author has posted a touching story. It also shows the sacrifice and adjusting nature of the women in the family. Her devotion and dedication for well being of all the family members. I think more awareness is required in society for this and the erring males should correct their irresponsible ways.

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    The author has brought out the sufferings of a lot of women in our country in this moving thread. There are many women who are very tolerant and stay with their family to save the marriage. They will never utter a single word against their husbands maybe because they stay in their homes. Since childhood, many girls are taught in such a way where marriage finds the most significant place in their mind. To them, in-laws house is their new and permanent home from where they cannot return to their father's place whatever may be the situation. They have to take the 'permission' of their husbands and in-laws to visit their father's home where they cannot stay for more than a particular period. This may be the reason why there are still so many silent sufferers.

    The time is changing though we find this inhuman behaviour of husbands in many places. There are laws to prevent domestic torture of women but if these violent behaviours are not reported to the law enforcing authorities proper action cannot be taken. These women must come forward to save themselves and also by thinking about the future of their children. Children who are brought up in families where domestic violence is frequent become mentally disturbed and may not enjoy a normal life like the other kids. Neighbours who are aware of these kinds of domestic violence must come forward to help the victim. If they cannot complain to law enforcing authorities out of fear, at least they must complain to the local women's organization who will actively support the victims by forwarding the complaint to the respective authorities.


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    The story is well written and the narration is so good that one while be getting sympathy towards the suffering lady. This type of events is more in rural areas where the people go for their daily wages and financially not very rich. Of course, maybe happening in rich families also. The percentage of such issues have come down these days. In some families, there are ladies who will be dominating their husbands. All depends on the individuals and their understanding between them.
    These incidents only are making ladies to lose confidence in their husbands and many girls are reluctant to stay with father in law and mother in law. They think that they can change their husbands if they stay separately. But there are families where old mother and father are suffering and they are not able to have a peaceful life due to their son and daughter in law 's behaviour towards them. These are inherited problems in society.

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    A good story but I think it's the thing of the past. Now, many are educated & know when to speak for them. We have grown seeing such movies or say even in our neighbourhood. That was a common thing in the past but now, many have changes. I don't say, such incidents don't happen but have reduced.

    We need to learn from our past & try to treat everyone equally. All men & women have their own role in their family life. They are like the two wheel of a scooter. Both need to be balance or else we will collapse, same is the family vehicle.

    If we see such activity, we need to speak-up with them but when he is normal. Do not try to cross-over but be polite.

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    Yes, it is a usual event existing in today's so-called modern society. Though women are standing up for themselves by coming forward and registering the complaints, still the fact cannot be ruled out that domestic violence exists. This ugly act is still going on in many homes.

    Now, the author, in the end, has asked what can we do to put an end to it. One thing we can surely do is teach every young one in our home that violence in no form is okay. If it is a girl child, empower her soul in every possible way. Teach her that violence should not be tolerated. If it is a boy, teach him about gender equality.

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    This story is about a hapless daughter-in-law. If my mood permits, I may share another story on hapless mother-in-law.
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