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    Why some people become terrorist in their lives? Is it a compulsion or a choice? Let us discuss.

    Today, the whole world is suffering because of the terrorist activities. Sometimes the terrorists target some prominent people while most of the times they simply ruthlessly kill the innocent people. There might be various reasons for these people to adopt to terrorism or choose it as a profession. The most dangerous thing in this reference is that these people do not mind losing their lives for killing the others and in such situation no one is safe in this world. Are the social backwardness and the poor financial conditions the reasons for this deviation? Or the religious beliefs and fundamentalism of some races?

    What in your opinion are the main reasons for the people becoming terrorist? Please give your views on this.
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    This can be a very lengthy academic discussion. But, we don't have that much knowledge or time to express our views in this limited space. At the very beginning, I would like to differentiate between the ideologues who preach a particular ideology (nowadays mainly religious) and the foot-soldiers of terrorism.

    So far as the ideologues are concerned, they do not want to die, they preach the ideology, bring thousands of misguided males and also some females in the fold of their own terrorist organizations and get the destruction done through them. They are cool-headed, calculative and manipulative. They join or more often form terrorist organizations to enjoy power, money and women.

    On the other hand, the foot-soldiers become terrorist more often due to a romanticized view of power emerging from the barrel of a gun, little bit of money and in rare cases, to have the company of a woman. Ideology no longer plays a major role (although it still has some role) to convert a person to a terrorist. It used to happen earlier.

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    I would agree with Mr.Partha bout this being a lengthy subject and the concept of recruiters and recruits.
    It is a complex situation wherein the family background, social status, the outlook towards life and the ability to being radicalized play a major role. The most unfortunate thing in the whole affair is that religion is also dragged into and used as a shield from the prying eyes. I think it is a combination of choice and external forces. What is worrying is the new trend of the recruits from well to do wealthy families, well educated young men and women who get swayed into terrorism.

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    I think, as far as my knowledge on terrorism is concerned, terrorists are people who have been brain washed by a group of people running these terrorist organizations. The people who are running these organization are also has been brain washed by someone and or either they're doing it for revenge for something awful happened to them or to their family in past.
    Most of terrorist organizations are Islamic terror and what they actually do is brain wash the minds of Muslim people in name of Islam and by misinterpreting holy Quran. The result of these tactics are so dangerous that they don't even understand that they ends up by killing their own Muslim brothers and sisters in name of their religion.
    It is a serious matter of concern that a religion and Specifically Islam is used to distract the Muslim youth to become terrorist by misinterpreting Holy Quran. (Example: Zakir Naik) Please try to understand that terrorism do not and can not have religion but religions are used as a tool to promote terrorism is heart breaking reality.
    This matter can be discussed in vast details and you may write Articles on it with proper research.

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    In my opinion, people become terrorists on the name of religion and financial needs also. The head of the terrorist camp recruits young boys and girls and brainwash them and misguided them to become a terrorist. These young people become terrorists as their needs are assured by the head to be fulfilled. They are trained emotionally too that their hands don't shiver while killing people and that's why they kill lots of people in one go. They don't hesitate even to become a suicide bomber as they get good money for it so they waste their life (sacrifice their life in their way) as they know with the money they will get for it will be helpful to feed their parents or their siblings or kids.

    This is sad that our younger generation easily gets lusted by such people as the terrorist heads are very clever, they know how to deal with this younger generation and make them terrorists.


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    Financial necessities are not the only reason for one to become a terrorist. If you look into the blasts those took place in Srilanka recently will say there are people who are well to do also in this terrorist group. Of course, money may be one of the reasons. A particular set of people who are very pessimistic and can't tolerate the happiness of the other people are responsible for this. They will try to do some damage to the people so that the people will suffer. That may give them immense happiness. So they try to attract some people who are having the education and have similar thoughts and plan these activities. There are some people who are not able to have sufficient money for their living and such people will join hands with these people. Without the support of well to do people and educated people, the others can't create these situations.
    The whole world should come together and plan for eradicating these activities and see that no country will encourage them in the name of religion, caste and creed. The countries which are trying to encourage these activities should be identified and see that they will be separated from all the countries and there should be non-cooperation to those countries. Then only there may be some improvement.

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    I think some communities are more conducive to creating terrorists due to the inherent religious and social doctrine existing there. Other reason is the extreme financial and social disparity which makes some of the people desperate and they go against the system by adopting to terrorism.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The topic made me think of the hindi movie "Wednesday". In this movie, they showed how a common man turns to violence or become a terrorist. There are many reasons to it. It can the financial problems, religious problem & even the society play a big role.
    We have read about many criminals who are punished for the crimes but they enjoy a good life in the cell. This in turn give a very positive effect on youth. They too think that having power in their hand can give them a better life.

    Now about terrorist, many well educated & financially strong background people have become terrorist. We even hear that they have a recruiting agency. What more can be said. They are provided training, given good facilities, their family are taken care off, they are prepared so well that they don't mind losing their life. Many say they are doing this for God. Not a single religion teaches you to take a life & only the creator has the authority.

    What they want & for what purpose they become terrorist in still a mystery. In which category can we put them:
    -They kill innocent people - so not for people.
    -They blast in churches, Temple, mosque, etc - so not religious.
    -They kill childrens & blast hospitals - so not human.
    -They kill military - so not patriotic.

    Terrorist have no religion, humanity or love. So the compulsion or choice still remain there with a big question mark for us to think?

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