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    The long arm of the law and Assam incident.

    This post is related to the unruly behavior and molestation of dancers including women in Assam on June 7. A thread was raised concerned that nothing much was done.

    Today, I'm glad to say that justice is being rolled out to the unfortunate dancers who endured the harassment. On June 8 a FIR was filed, the Assam police has arrested six people so far. Hundreds of people from different communities participated in a rally condemning the incident. The finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has ordered a probe. The National Commission for Women has taken suo moto cognizance of the whole event.

    I posted this thread because I feel at difficult times like these, we should have faith in the system. Maybe a few days late but the long arm of the law has certainly caught up with the culprits.
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    Thanks for the update. But I raised the issue in another thread to point out that some people can convert a festival with religious significance to a strip-tease. I did not raise the thread to question the present system in Assam. I did know that Sarbanand Sonowal and Himant Biswa Sarma won't tolerate this nonsense.
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    Thanks for posting the update on this shameful incident in the state of Assam. Quick action by Assam Police is commendable and the public outcry is also praiseworthy. The citizens have got enormous power if they collectively come on the roads and protest something inhuman and cruel. We require a lot of improvement in our governance not only in centre but also in each and every state so that such incidents do not repeat and police should have an alert form to catch these people in their planning stage itself as is happening in many developed countries in the world.
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    I also read that thread mentioning this incident occurred in Assam. That's good that culprits are caught and wish they are severely punished by the law. It's really very strange that during a festival they were asked to do a striptease whereas the girls came for some the group dance. It's fortunate that they could manage to escape from there otherwise the culprits would have succeeded what they wanted to do.

    It's been sad that daily we come to know about such cases against the females and people know the outcome too that they will be caught and will be punished severely but still people do it thinking that they will be able to escape the law but it doesn't happen because it's rightly said that the law has long arm no criminal can hide from law. If everyone understands this the earth will be a great place to live, no crime at all.


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    Good information posted by the author. The Assam police should be appreciated for the work so far they have done in this regard. In the incident happened and the next day FIR was lodged. A quick action. The finance minister has taken the correct action by ordering for a probe. The National Commission for Women has taken this issue seriously. Six people were arrested. So far It is going in the correct way.
    The concept of behaving in a different way with the females should be viewed seriously and the court should find the culprits and punish them with punishments which are exemplary and others will have a fear of doing such actions again and again.
    This type of incidents will give a feeling of insecurity in the minds of ladies and they will be living always with fear. People should understand the agony they have now and all should give them confidence that such actions will
    not be done by the people.

    always confident

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    Thanks to active action and monitoring by Himant Biswa Sarma, the religious people who forced the tribal girls to strip-tease have been arrested. But in Assam, the number of such incidents is increasing with the increase in population percentage of the people of the scared community.
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    As the incident has come under light, hope it gets the result too. Such heinous crime should be done through a fast track court wherein, the culprits will be punished instead of releasing on bail. We hear many cases where on its peak but takes a u-turn and suddenly vanish. Only few talk about it.
    The law & order should be changed or amended so as to reduce the crime.

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    The molestation of the girls in Assam was a very shameful event for the whole country. The arrest of some culprits has now assuring us that suitable action will be taken against the offenders. I think society should rise up against these criminal element who are doing such heinous crimes.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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