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    Why Rooh Afza is the preferred drink during the Ramzan season?

    Why people prefer to drink Rooh Afza during the Ramzan season though it is relatively costlier than other soft drinks in the market? Sometimes shortage of Rooh Afza occurs during the season due to heavy demand. In the summer season also Rooh Afza is more in demand. Is it that there is some good content in it which gives a better result?

    Please share your views about Rooh Afza. Do you also prefer Rooh Afza to other company beverages and if so, why?

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    Rooh Afza is originally a Unani preparation which came to India long back with the invaders coming to India from middle East. This is supposed to be a cooling drink in the summer heat and mainly contains rose petal extract along with many other herbs and flavouring agents. People believe in its effectiveness and during the Muslim festival times its demand is significantly increased.

    It is definitely a good soothing drink in the summer heat though there could be other options also available in the market. An established name in the society is also an important factor and due to that Rooh Afza is getting attention of all.

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    Because of its cooling effect, as well as its sugar content, which provides a much-needed energy boost after a long day of fasting. It's basically an Unani medicine which was formulated many years back and the same formula is being followed. It's a very popular drink in the Indian subcontinent.

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    Rooh Afza is a unani preparation with rose petals and other ingredients as Umesh sir, has mentioned and it does have good effects during summers. So, people are taking it in good quantity.

    However, Muslims taking it in the month of Ramadan is because be it detoxifies the kidneys and inner organs after remaining empty stomach the whole day. It's effects are great.

    But in our state, we have no tradition of drinking Rooh Afza in the month of Ramadan. We usually take basil drinks during the month of Ramadhan because it is considered better for the stomach and kidneys. Again this drink also helps in detoxification. Basil seed drink is intensively used in JK in the month of Ramadan.

    Usually, drinks, be it Rooh Afza or Basil seed drink, both are good for health and taking it on an empty stomach is good. So, people prefer such drinks at the time of IFTAAR, i.e, at the time of breaking fast when the stomach is empty. These drinks have a great effect and really soothes the soul.

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    Rooh Afza is a drink made in India long bank using various natural ingredients. This drink will contain herbs, fruits, vegetables, floors and roots. This is a drink which will make the body cool by decreasing the heat, unlike other soft drinks that are available This drink will be available as a Syrup in the market. The concentration will be high. In a glass of water, 1 to 2 spoonfuls of this syrup can be mixed and we can have one or two pieces of Ice. This will be very tasty and will have a different taste from other soft drinks. This drink is associated with Ramadan. Generally, it will be a part of Iftar during this festival.
    It will not contain any artificial ingredients and all are naturally occurring materials only. Hence it is a very safe drink when compared to other cooldrinks available in the market. Normal soft drinks will contain some synthetic chemicals which will have some side effects on our body but this Rooh Afza is not having any chemicals which are synthesised.

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    I don't know the reason but remember the popular rose-flavoured drink Rooh Afza. Many muslim families give it as a welcome drink too. I tried making it at home but failed. It's a refreshing drink in summer. The flavor, the fragrance and the color as well as the goodness remain the same, even after so many years.
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    This post has given a lot of information about this drink. Rooh Afza is a rose flavoured concentrate which is added to some water to dilute it and make a drink. When we were children we used to have it in summer regularly. At that time we did not know about it but simply liked its flavour and taste.
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    The drink is popular during all seasons and in some households is served to guests instead of a hot beverage or a soft drink, especially during the festive season of Diwali.
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    I love and like Rooh Afza. It is my favourite drink. I take 1/8 glass of Rooh Afza and fill it to the brim with 7up or Sprint and serve my guests. Wah! what a lovely taste! My guests used to wonder about the special drink. Many of my relatives demand that drink when they visit my home.
    Alas! Due to my increased blood sugar level, my wife has put a restriction on my favourite drink.

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