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    My AdSense revenue seems to be at risk

    For the past few days, there is a message displayed on my Google AdSense page that says: "Earnings at risk – One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid a severe impact on your revenue".

    I tried to find out the reasons by clicking on the options provided beside the message but I found it a bit complex. Here, I have provided the screenshot of the message on my AdSense page to make it clearer.
    Please guide me to sort out the issue.
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    It seems I am the only one facing this particular issue with AdSense. But how to resolve this? There must be a solution to this problem. Members, can you please check your Google AdSense page to see whether there is any kind of warning message? I have not changed anything in my AdSense profile and getting this warning message for the past few days only.

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    The same problem I also have been facing on my Adsense account. I was interested to know how to remove this error but no one has given the method to solve the issue. Hope to see someone answering it.

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    Sankalan, just give us some time. We do have on board, members who are expert with AdSense issues. Let us see whether they can help.
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    Ignore the message. Sometimes read error occurs causing this message.

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    Ankit, thanks a lot. Actually, the message is displayed all the time for the past few days and hope it will go away when there will be no read error.

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