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    What is your actual age?

    We generally consider the age of every new born baby as zero and following birth day as age 1.

    Some countries follow the tradition that every new born baby turns one on the day they are born considering the time spent by the baby in womb, say 9 months rounded off to 12.

    There is logic in the second case. What do you say?
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    A good thread but in India, we go with the first option, i.e. A baby turn 1yr only after a year of delivery. The nine month in the womb is not considered. Don't know why but to be on the same table, would like to go with the crowd.
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    If you take the analogy with the sowing of seed of a plant in the garden then the age can be very well taken from that date itself. There is nothing wrong in that as rationaly speaking the zero is at that time only.
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    The baby inside her mother's womb can be considered as a Training period or probationary period. The day the baby comes out of her mother's womb is the day to account as a permanent appointment on this good earth. It starts as day ONE. Why I say this because we are not sure of the birth of the baby. It could be death also. Our age starts from our date of birth as ZERO, not the day our mother conceived us. We cannot have an accurate date to count our age.
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    Whatever be the reasons for doing so the age of a person is counted from the day of his birth when he enters this world. This is a general understanding. If people have a contrary view to this then we will have to go back and add 8 or 9 months to it and celebrate the first birth day within the 4-5 months of birth. Looks reasonable but tradition prevails in these matters and people may not accept the new methodology so easily.
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    As far as the mother and father are concerned the day the baby came into the mother's womb is the birthday of the baby. But as far as the baby is concerned the day the baby has seen the world will be the birthday of the baby. I think what Indian is following is the correct age I think. So we should say the day the baby born is her first day on the earth. Anyhow people are having the liberty of deciding the age as per the tradition.
    In our country, some people celebrate their birthday based on the date of birth as per the English calendar. Some people will go by Indian Calendars or Panchagas.

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