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    How simple living is going to help us in our life?

    It is said that simple living is a great thing. There is a phrase also - Simple living and high thinking. Many people follow this doctrine also.

    Today we are living in an age of technology and modern facilities. In this era how we are going to live in a simple way is not understood. Does simple living means to live with minimal facilities and avoid luxuries even if you can afford it. If it is so then how it is going to improve our life or make us happy or contented.

    What is your view on this? How simple living is going to help us in our life?
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    Simple living is a concept. It does not mean that you do not buy a modern gadget. It simply preaches us to avoid unnecessary expenditures and avoid show off of wealth in the society. Simple living means no pomp and show. It is a way to satisfaction and happiness in the life by good deeds rather than showing ones wealth through wastage of money in marriage functions or other personal functions. If one has money one can give it for the philanthropy or helping the orphans or things like that There are many good ways the money can be utilised. That type of life style comes under simple living and high thinking. It is really a great thing if one can actually follow this doctrine.
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    For those who have fixed and less earnings simple living is an essential necessity to enable to live within means.
    Simple living has its own ease and comfort for those who accept it as a habit and principle.Though an ordinary person with simple living may not be very much popular in the modern sense,there will be definitely some people who may regard and love the person for his simple living. When a person who has sufficient means to live a luxury life, but leads a simple life, people will surely respect him and may cite him as an example too.

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    Simple living means - Live within your means and income, and available resources. Don't be greedy to possess things that you cannot buy. Don't get into debt. Do everything on your own. Don't try to copy others in life.

    Be free and happy and lead a tension free life, and you should be able to sleep peacefully.

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    In an age where life is complicated, simple living is giving away its roots. We are leading a life which has become digital and robotic. Everything is mechanical. To a certain extend a mechanical life gives us more freedom and saves time for ourselves. Although it is difficult to give up these things in the modern times.

    The first thought that comes in our mind about a simple life is that - only a person without money, or with less money lives a simple life.??This is not so. A wealthy person too can lead a simple life. A simple person according to me is ...if he is being well off but has his limitations. For eg. Clothing, eating habits and general lifestyle contribute to an overall status of a person.
    In order to lead a simple living few things I consider for myself, like eating food that is healthy and satisfying. Chose clothes that make you happy, not to impress others. Buy things for yourself, not to show off. Make your house a home, where you get the warmth of your family . Respect things you own.
    Add value to your life A valuable and healthy life will indeed be considered a simple life.Above all love and care for the good things in life.

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    These days we have many comforts for our living. Many people are going for these comforts. If you have money and if you can afford you can have whatever you like in your house. There are many people who waste a lot of money for show purpose. They want to show that they are very rich. That is not correct.
    Many people try to live a normal life even though they have wealth. They use all normal commodities and live like a very normal person. Such people can be categorised as a simple living person. Some senior officers and executives irrespective of their authority and position, they will live a normal life and help as much as possible to the required people. Such people are known as down to earth persons.
    Always talking about your wealth, your position and your authority will make you a person with a lot of show. Instead of that if you talk like any other normal person people will respect you and talk great about you.

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    To me, simple living is not living in misery. It is living our lives by and that are mandatory for our needs. If you start looking at what is mandatory and what is desirable or a markup factor or item, then we find ourselves to be resourceful. We learn to adjust and live with simple things in life. For instance, traveling from AtoB you can use public transport, hire cabs, have a car of your own, etc.

    In today's world, every modern piece of equipment or thought process has it's own usefulness and potential to be misused or overused. Once we incorporate many of these 'so-called desirable items" then we are found in a tangled web of needs and deadlines.

    For instance a fancy/luxury car, it comes with strings attached, insurance, maintenance bills, EMIs a driver all of which would be higher. A luxury villa, an expensive lifestyle, a high flying social life, all this have the same strings attached. Once we get used to this, it would be difficult not to live with this. In such situations, the fall out is too much for people to handle, this leads to various problems including ending one's own life. Here comes the value of a simple life.

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