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    Hill towns are paying price for tremendous heat waves in plains.

    From last few days, north India is suffering from a heatwave also being summer vacations in schools people are moving to hill stations to spend a few days there. Every year, the extreme heat of the northern plains drives thousands of people to hill stations like Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Nainital and Mussoorie (Uttarakhand). This year, nearly 15,000 vehicles have already entered Manali (Himachal Pradesh) and Shimla, clogging all approaching roads to these hill stations. This is unfortunate because these small hill stations and their delicate ecosystems cannot handle that many tourists.

    Last year, Shimla suffered water crisis, and experts blamed it on too many constructions to accommodate tourists, deforestation and destruction of Himalayan springs.

    Are we not playing with nature and destroying it? Shouldn't the government take some measure to check too much influx of tourist especially in summer session?
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    Tourism and increased travelling to hill station is the main source of economy and revenue generation for the local people but at the same time the large influx of people in summer is playing with the ecosystem of hills and making them full of pollution and sighting of garbage heaps everywhere when the tourist rush subsides on the onslaught of winter. The rush is every year increasing and the present infrastructure is not a match to the crowd some of whom returning from the destined place as they are not getting accommodation in those hill towns.

    I think some measures are required to contain this environment damage by not allowing the vehicles in the main city and parking them in a safe parking lot in the outskirts of the town like done in one of the hill station Matheran in Maharashtra. There could be other measures like that to reduce the vehicular crowd in the main town and creating better infrastructure. We can not neglect the tourist inflows. It is a great source of revenue and employment generation for the area.

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    True. These days many people are having plenty of money and they can afford to spend money. So many are going to hill stations in various places and staying there for 15 to 20 days for enjoying and avoiding the summer heat. The same is the situation in the South also. Many visitors are there on almost all the hill stations here also.
    The heat is very high this year and people are not able to move out.
    This problem is man-made only. The abuse of nature resulted in this situation. Deforestation is the main reasons for this and then comes the greenhouse gases. These two are vital for the present day situation. The third reason is the irresponsibility of the industries and people in preventing pollution from their acts.
    After a year or so these hill stations will also become like any other place and then where these people will run?
    It is high time we should think about this seriously and do some damage control actions otherwise our condition will be like going from Pan to stove.

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    Some of the hill stations which are popular due to vicinity of lakes and rivers are getting polluted with the disposable items which most of the tourists use on the way. The garbage heaps are creating problem everywhere. It is true that they are the source of earning but we must preserve the ecosystem otherwise these places will not remain worth visiting.
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