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    A little thoughtful gesture

    Every year, during peak summer, some of us, in my apartment complex contribute buttermilk for consumption by the staff working in the society and the vendors who come into the complex. A big pot of buttermilk is kept near the estate manager's office and another at the main gate. The initiative of asking for contributions was started by an owner and she takes on this responsibility every year. The contributions are in the form of homemade buttermilk.

    This post is to share the idea with you, so you can do something similar where you live. In this searing heat offer water to whoever comes to your door, without them asking for it.
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    It's a good idea. We should offer at least a glass of cold water to a person who visits our home in this scorching summer.

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    I do it alone. In my village where my family deity resides, we conduct a pooja on Uthiram day in the month of March/April. All the members belonging to my community and other guests visit the temple. Generally, the day used to be very hot during March/April.
    I made it a practice to offer 'Buttermilk' to the devotees visiting the temple regularly every year. I am doing it for the last 10 years. My annual budget expenditure is Rs. 3000/- to meet the purpose. More than 500 devotees enjoy the Buttermilk drink to quench their thirst on that hot day.

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    A very good gesture which need to be followed. In today's society, many accident have happened that we often hesitate to even offer a glass of water to others, say - postman, delivery boy, etc. We do discuss about the scorching heat & the workload of such people but when it comes to actually helping them, we turn our back.

    I remember in mumbai, many sikh community use to offer refreshing drinks during summer at the bus-stands. They do it wholeheartedly.

    A thump-up to your society & the people who take such initiative to do good such small-small things which says that humanity still prevails.

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    I'd like to add that those who join the drive contribute buttermilk made from 1-litre milk, on a daily basis, between April and early June. The earthen pots are placed in a heap of sand, which is kept wet, to ensure the buttermilk inside remains cool.

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    Offering buttermilk or water to the people during summer is a very good service. The value of water will be known to a person who feels thirsty and no water available.
    My appreciations for the initiative taken. In our Organisation, the executives of the company decided to contribute and arrange butter milk for all the workers. Two times a day butter milk is being given to all the workers. This is in addition to the tea given by the management.
    In our colony all the society has started cool water supply to passengers. One staff is appointed. She will be in the tent from 10 to 5 PM and see will distribute water whoever comes there. The expenses will be from the contributions given by the colony residents.
    These actions indicate that there are still people who will try to help the needy as per their capabilities.

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    A very thoughtful gesture, we need to do something like that in our society as well.

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    This is a very good example of community serving. A good gesture by the society dwellers. A noble cause to help the staff and workers. I think we must follow such good things in our respective housing complexes.
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    Buttermilk is a very good summer drink. It suits all. Even a person suffering from diabetic can consume buttermilk. But it takes time to prepare original buttermilk. What we do is - Make good curd and dilute it with water to make butter milk. We don't extract butter out of the curd and have the original buttermilk. The original buttermilk won't have any fat, but the buttermilk we serve to the public will have fat in it.
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    A thoughtful gesture, my appreciation to you and the others in the apartment complex. Such small acts of kindness goes a long way in making someone happy for a little time, than donating money alone.

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