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    Grandpa, Me and The Splash!

    Well to start, he wasn't my Grandpa, he was an old man that I met on the road while taking my morning stroll.

    Rain visited us much earlier than expected and it was quite a storm yesterday. After the rain, there were puddles on the street. I was avoiding the puddles so that my shoes wouldn't get spoiled. I reached a point where there was no way for me to get across, except a narrow line at the corner. I got hold of the wall and was trying very hard to get across, that's when I saw this Grandpa.

    He went right through the water splashing it with feet and enjoying every splash without any worry of getting himself dirty. I loved the way he got through without worrying about avoiding it. And here I was struggling to avoid it.

    That splash brought a smile on my face!
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    I read the title and thought you had posted something about ME - Vandana, the Managing Editor.
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    Oh, I am so sorry, I forgot that was an acronym, let me correct it right away.

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    Your article reminds of the first rain, where we use to run out as it was believed that the first rain help in curing the prickly heat. During that time, we enjoyed the rain. The full gang of friends would come out and enjoy the Rain. Now, it the other way. As soon as it starts raining, we tend to go inside our house. All have this idea that we will get sick. We have now started worrying more than enjoying the season.

    The elder people still enjoy than the new gen people. We need to start doing the same and start living in the present.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    I have read this thread and liked it. Even after spending so many years in a dry place like Delhi, I still feel elated when I see the first rain of the season. The nature completely changes after even one hour of rain. I enjoy getting wet in rain and noticing how the trees and plants welcome the rain.
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    Whenever I see the first rain of the season I remember my childhood days. We used to feel very happy when there was a good rain. I and my sisters used to make paper boats and leave them in the rainwater and used to enjoy. Our father used to caution us not to get drenched in the rain. But somehow we used to manage. We used to ask our mother to make some good hot snack like Pakoda and we used to enjoy it a lot.
    You have enjoyed the splash as it is only from an old man walking in the water. But sometimes when we are walking some vehicles go very fast in this water and we will get completely wet with the splash. In such a case, we will get definitely irritated.

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    It is your costly shoes that stopped you from enjoying the puddles. Had you thought well, I am sure, you could have enjoyed the scene with the grandpa by removing your shoes and holding them in your hand. Alas! you missed a great chance of enjoying the rainy day. Happy that the good old gentleman grandpa made you smile through his splashes.

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