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    Is quora giving good competition to other websites?

    Is Quora giving good competition to other websites? I am seeing visitors in Quora increasing day by day due to good question and answer and you will get lot of historical unknown and new question which are very interesting in reading. Do you think Quora is boosting traffic on his site due to good quality contents.

    I visit once in a day.
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    From what I have noted, much of the content in the answers at Quora is copied content taken from other sites and there does not seem to be any monitoring of submissions. Are they allowing people to post content directly from other sources? I would not refer to such copied content as "good quality".
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    The best part of Quora is that they have all sort of question which have an answer. Whenever you search a content, You get it in quora. May be because of this, this site most prefered. I don't know about the monitoring. Due to its vast content, most of the site have a competition from Quora.
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    If we consider the quality, level of discussion and depth of knowledge of those who are responding, Quora is altogether at a different level. It can't be compared with any other social networking website including ISC.
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    May I point out an important point - ISC is not a social networking website and who are comparing the two?
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    Quora is getting very much popular these days. One difference I noted between quora and other websites is that he will send a mail to the members who are related to that field. So even though we are not visiting that site we will know whether any questions are posted which we can answer. I will receive mail from the site if any question-related sciences, especially to chemistry. If I choose to answer I can answer. There are no points are CC in this site for our answers or questions. It is purely a knowledge sharing platform.
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    Yes, it's giving competition to other sites because of the good content people post there. I am not a regular user of that site but whenever I read answers to the questions I feel it's a good site.

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    I agree with Vandana. Quora is full of copied content. Every once in a way I run a check to see if any of my articles have been copied and I invariably get a few leads of my articles posted on Quora.

    I think some people love to post copied-content. The fact that they can copy and pass someone else's thoughts as their own is perhaps good for their egos, it must get such a boost. It is easy to copy paste, right? Who cares about ethics and values - those are for the others!

    People 'have been' on a copy-pasting spree not for days, weeks or months, but since years, right under everyone's nose. They carried on unabashedly because they thought no one knew . . . but someone did know, and all along. It's time for a revelation 'abracadabra'.

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    I have just returned from Quora but I didn't know about the copied content of the site. I occasionally visit the site for some queries and get answers. However, if monitoring is not there and site is full of copied content, then it is better to stay away. It would be better to get information from some authentic and reliable sources other than Quora.
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    Quora will give stiff competition to many sites because almost anything can be posted and asked. Stern language and words can be seen. In Quora, if you are not logged in and then click a link, the page does not open unless you sign in. The content base is very wide.

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    Quora is a very big site as there are a large number of members in it and even larger number of visitors. Quora is not a very regulated site in the sense that they have no control on the copied contents. The editors might be checking for abusive or unparliamentary languages but more than that nothing is being checked there. The volume of contents is so large that it does not seem possible for a handful of editors to check it from various aspects. The answer given in Quora is seen many times in other advisory sites also. If you are a regular surfer in internet, you can find it time to time.

    On the other hand, in ISC we are composing our contributions ourselves in our language and style and that is why they are being considered as unique. As Juana has also mentioned, this uniqueness of our contents is making them vulnerable for copying. I am also finding my content in some other sites after a gap of few weeks. Though we are complaining in Google (DMCA complain) and it is removing it from its search still this copying thing is hanging on our head like a Damocles Sword.

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    Yes, if a website provides almost every kind of answers then that website will certainly have a good number of viewers. As Vandana Ma'am and a few other members have already mentioned, we will find many copied contents in Quora. There, members copy the answers from different websites and post them in Quora. I do not know what those members achieve who post copied contents on different websites. There may not be very strict rules in Quora and that's why we find many answers copied from other websites. Though you will find many unique answers in Quora, you can roughly say that Quora is that platform where answers to different questions are collected from different websites and posted there.

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    Quora is a very good knowledge sharing site. A professionally managed site. Your questions will be answered by the people across the globe.
    Who is caring the copied contend and all, now a days?
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    Well said, Neeraj @ #667683. Who cares? Actually, the person whose idea is copied feels insulted. You are correct! Sir Isaac Newton is not at all important because of his laws and if somebody copies the laws and posts it in a web portal claiming they are her/his own proposals then undoubtedly that person will be of much importance to you. Nobody cares for copied contents nowadays and that's why we will find scores of students getting high marks by cheating and copying in the examination. You can say who cares, ultimately the score matters. I hope ideas do not fall from the sky and there are people behind every idea who work tirelessly, experimenting with new things and finding the idea to enhance many of our capabilities.

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    I am forced to respond here by #667760.

    Billions and billions of people use the internet that encircles the globe. Google roughly estimated the size of the internet 5 million Terra bytes of data. This comprises of only .004% of all data. It is a civilization of mind in cyber-world. In the vast ocean of data, you are talking about manual identification of copied contend! What you mean by copying? Downloading a document from internet is copying!

    I am saying ideas are important because archaeological evidences established that the popular Pythagorean thermos was used 300 years before Pythagoras was born in this planet.

    Regarding your comment about cheating by students in examination halls, we are having excellent educational institutions with brilliant students appearing/undergoing examinations brilliantly and thereby occupying responsible positions in various organizations across the globe. We should be proud about them. Saying cheating in examination hall is an insult to them. A student cheating in examination hall is your problem. You are failed to conduct a cheat proof environment in the examination hall. Do not blame students.
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    In my point, if a normal person visit a site whether it is ISC or Quora will not go to search any of the answer whether it is copied from anywhere else! The main aim for the person will to get the answer he /she is looking for! Once it is done, its done.

    Secondly, how many people go to any site with this mind set to know whether the contents are copied or not? Very few, mainly the author who are actives in the online writing. Which are very few in numbers comparing those who are looking for answer.

    Thirdly, almost everything is looking after by Google nowadays, then what they are doing? If the site has copied content, they must close it or warn it.

    Fourthly, even if monitoring by authorised people in ISC, still here or there found copied content. Whether it is in ask expert or Forum. It simply mean that monitoring is not an easy job.

    Comparing all these, I would only say that the Quora should take action on the authors those who copy and paste or teach them like how ISC does with their members. If not Google should take action to shut that site.

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    What if a person prepares contents in his / her own style of language by referring already available source? That is too copying. Almost majority of articles here in ISC are referred and prepared, not owned by the Author concerned. Own thoughts and own ideas are only unique and fully copyright free. So copyright depends on how the contents are materialized. So word to word copying is almost equal to reproduced contents. The education contents can not be easily determined whether it is copyrighted or not. Google can't help here. Quora has large volume of contents and well structured so Google gives preference to this site. If same author posts contents at different places by the same contents or rewritten contents, that is not a crime. Word to word copying is not good for the sites which have low volume of articles. That is why here in ISC, members are advised to prepare themselves and post atleast unique writing, if not unique ideas and inventions. If unique ideas are present here, that would be most welcome, but it is hard to verify.

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    "If same author posts contents at different places by the same contents or rewritten contents, that is not a crime."

    Is it true? Just in another thread the LE of ISC asking an author to ask sorry to ISC and its members because he seems to copy his content from QUORA to ISC. If not crime then why to use such heavy doses words when situation should have been tackle with calmness? I find contradiction in statement of two different editors of ISC.

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    I wonder how you know I am ex-editor. You are new member here and when you joined here I am not an editor here. It seems you are old member creating duplicate ID and playing here and there to debate with editors and members. I think ISC know multiple fake IDs here. I wonder why ISC allows you.

    Coming to your point, in general it is not crime but it is a violation of ISC policy (ISC does not want to have word to word copy here) and members need to follow it. If I am editor now, I would also say the words that what the current editor told.


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