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    The trouble is we think we have time.

    Time is the most important thing in our life. The strangest thing about time is that it flows in one direction only. It is irreversible. We can not go back in past and correct our deeds. So, whatever we want to do today should be done with prudent thinking and let us always remember that time is limited and we have to do a lot of things in our life.

    The problem with many of us is that we always feel that we have sufficient time in hand and we can do the things leisurely or at a later time. Unfortunately, it is not true as time is limited and for those who want to do something and excel in some areas it always becomes short and remains insufficient. So, only option is use the time fully and efficiently.

    What is your view on this?
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    If we remember the quote " Time & tide, wait for no men", itself tell us that all have a certain period of time within which need to complete the activities. No one knows the time we have but there are lot to do. We need to use time very carefully.
    - A student may feel he has time & will study later but the exam approaches so fast that many lessons are put as option.
    - At work, the work that is kept pending will be come as an urgent task & many may need to do overtime.
    - If a patient do not attend to his sickness on time, may become serious.

    Time has to be used correctly & everything will fall on the correct path.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    A well-written post by the author which describes the importance of time. We think we have time and still, we cannot complete the desired work within the duration. The reason is improper management. The fact is we have enough time but we do not know how to use it properly. In short, we do not know time management skills. Since we lack time management, we do not know how to prioritize our "to-do" list.

    Another important point that the author has mentioned is that we keep delaying things as we feel that we can finish it later. This kind of laziness or overconfidence will then make us pay in the future.

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    All depends on how best you are managing your time. We have 24 hours a day. We can do many works if we plan correctly and with more accuracy. But unfortunately, we spend time on unwanted things thinking that for other important works we have a lot of time. In the last moment, we will make things in a hurry.
    A good example of this is a university student. The students in the hostel waste their time in gossiping and other things thinking that there is plenty of time for the examinations. When the examinations come near they start reading late hours. This is a common phenomenon.
    When we have to catch a train we will not start a little early so that we will reach the station in time and even a little in advance. But we will start atAl\ the last moment and keep and pressurising the driver for going fast.
    All these problems are mainly due to improper planning.

    always confident

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    Time and tide wait for none. Time is the most important but most mysterious factor in our life. Time management is difficult and few people have expertise in this art of time utilisation. Everyone complains of shortage of time but few of them are really serious about it. I have some interesting things related to time. People sit idle and chit chat with family members or friends and do not go to Railway Station or Airport in time and then become jittery in the last minutes. We postpone our jobs for the last minute or for the preparation postpone to previous day of the day when they are needed. This makes a pattern of last minute taking up of the jobs and we become stressed at the eleventh hour. There are many examples like that which clearly demonstrate that how casual we are for doing our things in time. So, if we do not do our things in time, we only suffer.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A wonderful post, I would like to interpret this in two important ways.

    Firstly, time with respect to our day to day activities and events related to our responsibilities. For instance, a student preparing for the exams, an officer completing the paperwork, a housewife tidying up the house, the government tackling public issues. In all these, most would be lax to start with, there is enough time, why hurry. This apparent 'Lenght of time' misleads many until the last minute or until the deadline is staring at our faces.

    Secondly time with respect to our personal life and family life. Most of us, including myself put work and other commitments ahead of our personal and family life thinking that 'I should focus on work etc, I have enough time to spend with the family or for myself later on". This later on never comes, by the time we realize children have grown up, we have grown old and many things remain a dream still.

    So yes, we think we have time but it keeps shrinking every time. I read a quote. Even a broken clock shows the time correctly twice a day. It's ironic but true that time keeps ticking even if the instrument measuring it is broken.

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    The author is absolutely correct. Actually, tomorrow never comes. Many of us keep things pending for tomorrow thinking we will be able to do it later on. But in most of the cases, it remains pending and works pile up. Time management is very important and we have to do tasks by staying aware of the present situation. For example, if you are very hungry you cannot comfortably continue your work. You may continue working even if you are hungry but it will affect your health badly. Our lives have different aspects and we have to manage everything within the stipulated time. All these aspects have their importance and while making the schedule we must keep this in our mind. If particular tasks are always given priority then the others are delayed which may have some cumulative effect. So, you must do what you need to do in the present situation and think of other things in some other situation when the time comes. You should have a clear idea of the process of doing that particular task so that the time is not unnecessarily wasted.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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