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    Will it affect me seriously?

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    Last night, while I was driving my good old Padmini, one snake (type not known) came under the wheels and got killed. Though I tried to avoid running over the snake, I could not control my Padmini's speed.

    Generally, it is said that the person killing a snake will be affected by Sarbadosh. If it was a cobra, it would be Nagadosh.

    Since it was not my fault, but the snake's fault to cross the road, am I responsible for the killing of the snake? Will I be affected by any type of dosh? Am I not Nirdosh?
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    As i have heard or read, the sarpas harassed or killed by the native in past life cursed such a native and as a result naga dosha or sarpa dosha is formed in the horoscope of the native, but these are the thing of the past. Killing of animals for various reasons are still going on.
    Now, many restrictions have come up with the killing of animals due to extinction of some species. Even killing of snake comes under such law/act. Killing of snake in order to save oneself or by mistake, don't think will have any effect or dosha on you.
    If you still have doubt, can consult you temple priest who would provide you with its correct solution or puja. Be careful the next time as it can put you behind bars.

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    Sun, as long as the killing was not intentional, no 'dosha' will affect you. And the killing of snakes, when there is no other way out, though considered to be a sin in the past, has been a practice even then whenever the serpent tried to invade human dwellings or threaten human lives. I am not sure whether it is a question of survival of the fittest but we need to secure our lives and that is our priority. So, no worries. Just pray to the Almighty and seek his pardon for having, even though unknowingly, killed one of his creations. HE is still tolerant and will surely pardon you.
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    Don't worry Sun, nothing will happen. Many of these beliefs are myths made popular by movies and stories. And moreover, it was an accident, not a willful killing. The snake's time had come.

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    I think you will not have any problem. The Snake got killed because of night and it is dark. You tried your best and you couldn't. It is not intentional. So don't think about that. You better visit a subrahmanyeswara temple once and pay your regards there. You can get a pooja done there. With that, all the doubts you have in your mind will disappear. God will bless you. You will not get any dosha or you will not be penalised by God.
    always confident

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    Nothing is going to happen as the killing was not intentional. Sarpdosha and Nagdosha are all superstitions don't believe in them. These are shown only in movies as such there is no reality in it.

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    It all depends on what you believe in Mr.Sun. However much we can say that it is ok, dosha is just a myth, your mind will be constantly working overtime on this subject. If you are not inclined towards these beliefs, then it's just a case of the snake being at the wrong time and wrong place, that ends the story. If otherwise, then meet your family priest and offer pooja to overcome the ill luck. Imagine the people in South East Asia who kill snakes every day to make various dishes at homes and in hotels!

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    When I was posted in a small village way back in 1990-91, at the time of morning walk along the state highway, I used to notice tens of dead bodies of snakes lying on the road. It was clear that these snakes were killed by trucks traveling at high speed during the nights. As far as I know, these drivers were not affected by any 'dosha'.

    Although I myself wrote the three-part story She ultimately took the revenge (Part-I), I request Mr. SuN not get unduly affected by the imaginary story. Instead appreciate my creativity!

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    I think, God considers intentions of person while giving punishment for his karma. If your intention is not wrong and it's mere mistake on which you do not have any control, you may not be held liable for that.
    However, It is my personal opinion and i may be wrong. Though, i do believe in Kundali and astrology but i do not follow it blindly. For me, it's a guide that helps us to stay aware of evils and restraint ourselves from not making mistakes.

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    Unintentional mistakes or faults happen in our life. They are not to be considered seriously. When we walk in a park or road we do not know how many insects and crawlers we thrash with our feet and kill daily. Every life form is unique and has a soul of its own. Whether small or big, intentional killing a life form is a murderous act. In your case it is completely a unplanned and unintended act so the question of Dosha does not arise. Many times it is our mind which tortures us rather than the actual Dosha and if we are having a clear conscience in these matters nothing happens.
    Knowledge is power.

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