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    The actual truth behind the veneer

    Assertive forum posts, questioning and demanding justice are nice to read, but let the thoughts and voice be yours. This is just a small sample of the copied content that has been infiltrating the forum since a very long time.
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    Checked the above references. The subjects may be similar/same, but these are not plagiarised contents.
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    There is a forum post running about "Quora". Vandana and Mrs. Juana pointed out that copied content from other sites is posted in "Quora" and there seems to be not much of monitoring of submissions. Here at ISC, many times copied content was posted and pointed out by the members. What is more appalling at ISC is that fake news and propagandist material with the intention of defaming some celebrities and political parties is being done in a deliberate manner. The history is also deliberately twisted to suit their purpose. The management and the editors should be very careful to spot such posts and take necessary and stern action.
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    Copying the contents as it is and copying of titles is rampant in the internet especially when the titles are catchy and full of contemporary thrill. Some people do it thinking that they will not be caught and sail smoothly. Today there are methods and softwares which are able to block the copied contents (mainly ascertaining them by their date of publishing) and they will be out of the contents brought to the surfers through search engine selections. So copied contents are not going to be useful for their contributors except having the thrill of doing it. Let us try and do efforts in composing the things ourselves and present in our style so that even if people do not see the name of author they will tell that it is written by such and such person.

    I remember, there was a contest held in ISC where paragraphs written by ISC members were given to find out their authors. It was so intresting and people pinpointed who is who. Creative writings requires originality of ones style, let us develop it rather than copying the style of someone else.

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    The content in the first link was posted by the author, on Quora, days before it was reposted on the forum. The author may have authored the content, but technically it is copied content.

    In the second set, an entire paragraph is lifted from Wikipedia, and it doesn't appear as a quote, nor is there a reference to the source.

    Part of the content in number three appears verbatim on the FB page of someone who has a fan following of tens of thousands.

    I would call the below content copied -
    has been made a target of a vicious online campaign on social media
    morphed images (of her) in sexual positions, filthy abuses of a sexual nature, constant mental harassment and emotional torture from some sexual perverts in India.

    has filed a complained (complaint) with (the) Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Embassy in (the) USA and has e-mailed a complaint (to) the Uttar Pradesh Police, but so far

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    Juana, thanks for the alert. We are checking it out. By the by, as an editor, I feel so disgusted at this turn of events. Don't we have to believe or rely on our established members even? Don't our members have to feel responsible? If what you have pointed out is true (without an iota of doubt), I must say that the member, Mr Partha Kansabanik, { Edited-I stand corrected. The emotion was unnecessarily escalated}. seek an apology from all the members here at ISC for trying to cheat them. And, I must add, if the attempt is to check the editors (let all the editors learn a lesson that we must not rely on the member level of members), please note that it is the one who attempts to do so who stands to lose.

    Partha, you have simply stated that the subject may be similar/ same and tried to justify yourself. Do you understand the difference between similar and same?

    I am shifting all the threads under reference to pending till the issue is clarified. Please be sincere enough to prove your side. I am not saying that Juana is right but since an allegation has been made, you, as a responsible(?) member is duty bound to prove it otherwise.

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    Internet is an ocean of contents but it's not difficult to find out the copied contents as today there are lots of software available which easily catch the plagiarised content. It's the responsibility of a member not to copy content and paste it here for the sake of this site and ourself. Also, I would suggest editors keep the posts pending in forum too as they do in other sections before they get it checked and then approve.

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    I picked up random recent posts, but this is not a recent development. It has been happening for a very very long time.

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    Juana, we have been dealing aptly with quite a few of them and are aware of such tactics but the aggression of this nature from someone who has been with this site for a long time was (is) not expected. I concede that Editors need to be more careful and need to check each and every content posted by members, irrespective of their standing in the site. Being liberal (do you call it libu) does not help!

    Please wait as we check it out and arrive at an apt decision.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    Anything is copy posted is unethical no matter even if it is written by same author. However, I feel the LE Saji Ganesh should reply with calm mind and should not bring the personal differences when taking out such call. 667687 reply saying author to bow down his head with shame, is unnecessarily when it is not checked whether it is really a copy content as he said in the last reply that he is checking to content.

    If find fault punish him there is no need to make personal attack. No one is 100% honest in this site and every one has done mistake one or other, even the LE Saji Ganesh. I have never found he has bow his head with his own mistakes. So this issue should be done in proper way not like taking a revenge from his opposition.

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    Two of the threads, the one about the amendment to the Constitution and the other one about online harassment has been deleted. The one about intolerance was already locked. The query about Prashant helping Mamta is still under consideration. Though the title and the idea are copied/ inspired, we will have to check for the contents.
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