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    My confusion with Mera and Meri

    Members, especially Members expert in Hindi,
    I am from the south. I have a doubt about the usage of Hindi words Mera and Meri. As per my learning and understanding of Hindi, Mera is for males and Meri is for females. Also, Thumhara and Thumhari, Thera and Theri. But I see females using the word Mera, Thumhara and Thera.

    What is correct? Should a man ask a woman -
    Thumhara Naam Kya Hai? (or) Thumhari Naam Kya Hai?

    Should a woman reply -
    'Mera Naam Anamika' (or) 'Meri Naam Anamika'

    @ This doubt came in my mind when I saw a celebrity woman using the word Mera. My doubt might look silly but need clarification.
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    It should be 'tumhara naam kya hae?' and 'Mera naam Anamika hae'.

    I can understand the confusion - what you need to know is the gender here is not of the person (Anamika), but of the noun in the sentence, namely 'naam'. Since, 'naam' is a masculine gender the question is prefixed with 'tumhara'.

    Let's take the following example -

    Vijay to Ajay - 'Yeh khaana kis nae banaya?' (who made this food?)
    Ajay to Vijay - 'Khaana meri maa nae banaya hae. (the food is made by my mother).

    Notice how Ajay uses 'meri' instead of 'mera' because the noun 'maa' is feminine gender.

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    Mera and Meri are to be used depending on what a person is saying not on who is saying. Like if a girl says, 'Meri bangles kaha hai' she can say 'Mera Saaman kaha hai' similarly a boy can say " Meri books kaha hai' so it depends on the gender of books, saaman and bangles mera or meri is used.

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    Issue is well explained by Juana and supplemented by Sanjeev and it is true that the doubt of using Mera or Meri is a obvious one coming in the minds of people who are not from hindi speaking belts. When the addressing words change as per the gender then these confusions will be there for the people not linking it to the gender. I have seen small children in hindi speaking areas talking like 'Mera Kitaab' or 'Mera doll'. Once they grow up and learn the things in school they correct themselves to 'Meri Kitaab' or 'Meri doll'. Every language has its unique grammar and syntax and that is what makes it difficult for others. For example Sanskrit language is having an elaborate web of syntax and grammar and even we Indians who had Sanskrit as the language of ancient times in this part of country are not keen to learn it due to those complexities.
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    A few years back a similar discussion had ensued in the forum. You can check my responses in the thread, for a better understanding.
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