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    Treat people like how you want to be treated

    This General election has taught us so many lesson. One of the lesson we can learn from the defeat of Jyotiraditiya Scindia. He has lost from his own ex party worker, once who work for the congress. His name is KP Yadav. During his working in the congress party, he always wanted to be close to Mr. Scindia. Even once he wanted to take a selfie with him but he was denied. Whatever may be the reason, he didn't get the respect he deserved.

    May be this the reason, he joined BJP and fought against Scindia. Before the election day, one of his photograph (standing near the Scindia Car and taking a selfie) posted by Scindia's wife with a comment which has self pride and egos. However, the photo did the magic just opposite and Mr. Scindia lost by more than a Lakh votes!

    Had the ex worker taken care well with the respect of his hard work. Scindia might have been won again. But his self pride of being a Maharaja family dig his own fall out.

    It is not one or two incident in History, we may find many stories like that. But, Alash! some people should learn from it.
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    Just being rich or hailing from a royal family does not entitle a person to behave inhumanly with other fellow beings. We must put ourselves in others shoes before offending anyone. Our status does not give us license to insult or humiliate others. Great are those who in spite of being wealthy and powerful behave cordially and humanely with others.

    False pride and ego will not last long. Time will give lessons to such people and history is replete with such examples. I fully agree that we should treat others same way as we want them to treat us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, Mr. Umesh, time is more powerful. Today or tomorrow they show the people place where actually they deserve. I am surprised that even doing the wrong work, people still talk about their honesty and integrity as if they are the real saint. This is what is happening with Mr. Scindia.

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    True. We shouldn't ill treat people. If somebody unnecessarily scolds you, you will feel very bad. You will try to take the revenge and wait for the we should think in the same lines when we are treating other people. When we are in a position we may get respect. But once you are out of power you will definitely you will be shown your correct place. Event a cat will try to kill you if you close all the doors and try to attack that.
    After all, we are all human beings. At the end of the day we are all going to reach the same place. All are equal before the God almighty. So there is no point in thinking that we are very great and others all small. Every one will also have their own day.
    This is exactly what proved in the incident indicated by the author. The famous people tried to take fun of the other candidate. The voters shown the place to the Raja's their correct place.

    always confident

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    The problem begin, when one want to become God to someone. As if they control other's breath. We all should refrain from such act.

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    The main problem with all of us is we all want to be treated well but when it comes to treating others we become choosy. I have seen many people behaving arrogantly with their servants at home as if they are their masters and the servants are slaves. Unfortunately, they fail to remember that everybody is a human being and deserves certain respect. If somebody is doing something wrong, she/he will face the consequence later on but before that, there is no point in reprimanding that person. The rule is the same everywhere and wherever people are ill-treated they react in a way to adversely impact the person who meted out the ill-treatment. I think the upbringing of a person has a lot to do to develop the characteristics of how to treat a person.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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