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    What are the things which should not miss during visit in India?

    What are the things which should not miss during visit in India? If any outsider have plan to visit in India then what things you will suggest to visit and don't miss that place or things. Sometimes we visit any country but forget to see main and famous things of that country so purpose of this thread is to share famous things for new visitors for India.
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    I would suggest that they visit one state, instead of moving around the country to see different places of interest. A lot of time is spent travelling between places and is not worth the effort. I am saying this from personal experience. We concentrate on a particular region and see and do all that there is to see and do.

    Visitors to India must also concentrate on discovering particular regions and experience things there. In this way, they can pack in a lot during their visit. Indian states are huge and each of them has many known and lesser-known tourist sights.

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    Visiting any country needs pre planning. It is better to find out the places of interest in a particular place to visit them. It also depends on the duration you are going to spend in a particular country.

    Pertaining to India there are many interesting places to visit. India 's rich heritage and culture invites many tourist throught the year. Each state of India has its uniqueness. In north the beauty of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir is undaunting. Northeast has its own charm . Coming to south the temples of south cannot be missed. Kanyakumari Rameshwaram are some attractive tourist destinations.Pondicherry is one territory that should not be missed. God's own country kerala is filled with beauty with its backwaters and spas.
    Goa is another places with its serene beaches cannot be missed.
    Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhyapradesh are rich in culture and heritage.
    I think a tourist's visit will not be complete if he does not visit the Mughal monuments in Delhi and Agra, especially the Taj Mahal,one of the finest wonders of the world.

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    There are many places worth visiting in India. All depends on how many days and how much budget. Based on the two we can suggestions best places.
    India is having very good places which should be visited. There are some places which are special and you may not be able to see such places anywhere else.
    Starting from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir, there are very good monuments which are worth seeing. Rameswaram temples, Kanchi temples, Madhura temples, Tirupathi, Chardham, Varanasi, Gaya and Prayaga are a few to name for pilgrim places. These places will speak about Indian heritage and culture. If the visitors are interested they will find many worthy places in these places to Visit.
    Similarly there many famous places like Taj Mahal, India Gate, Charminar, Ramoji film city, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Ellora, Ajanta and Humpi.
    There are many hill stations also to see.

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    It depends on how much days one wants to spend in the country. India is a big country so there are many places which one should watch and that will take time too.

    TajMahal is one of the best places to watch in India because it's one of the seven wonders and it's beautiful so one should watch it is going to India for a visit.

    Delhi being the capital of the country so is the main attraction of tourists. There are many historical places and heritage like Qutub Minar, Humayun Tomb, Old Fort, Red Fort. These are all worth o watch. Also, old Delhi is a place where one can buy antique and good things at less price.

    Uttarakhand is a place to watch. There are many places like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Valley of flowers, Jim Corbet, Gangotri.

    There are good things to watch in Punjab like Golden temple, Wagah border. Kashmir known as heaven is a very good place and there lots of natural sceneries to watch there.

    Other famous places are :

    Chadar Trek– An amazing trek over a frozen River, Laddak, Pangong Lake
    Mathura a place of birth of Lord Krishna. There are a lot more places in south India to visit.

    All depends on the time availability a person has.


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    India is a culturally diverse country. Every state has its own culture and color. Every country has scenic destinations and India is not very different from them. The thing that differentiates India from others is its diversity that is spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. I would suggest all the outsiders that they have to enjoy and experience the richness while traveling. There are lots of places to see and travel but while doing so do not forget to notice the diversity.

    Next thing is food. Food is different in different states. Enjoy the delicacies while chatting with new people sipping a cup of tea on local tea outlets. Ask them a few questions and they will be more than happy to explain everything to you in detail from religion to customs and from food to modern politics.

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