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    Addiction of drug roll cigarette in the young generation

    While walking in the park many times we found small covers of a Roll cigarette on which an image of a rolled cigarette is inscribed. The pack contains one number of drug roll costing Rs 15 and assures that if you smoke it you feel flying and euphoric. The manufacturer's address is written on one side and it is mentioned that it should not be inhaled by children below 12 years. The drug seems to be heroin or something similar. Those who take it will be addictive of it. The cover gives all the information but nowhere it is mentioned that it is manufactured under some licence or permit from the Govt. If it is a drug or something like a narcotics then it is supposed to be sold under Govt control and should comply with regulations.

    I am surprised to find it in the park in the sides of the sitting benches. Have you any information about these impending dangers on the young generation. Please share your knowledge in this regard.
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    This is the problem these days with the many University students.
    Last year there was big racket about this drugs and many top celebrities from Telugu film industry were interrogated. Then the whole issue has gone to the bottom of the heap of files. We don't know what happened.
    In many universities students are getting addicted to this drug. They are getting their future spoiled. There are no sincere attempts from the administration or government to stop such illegal supply of these drugs.
    Many intermediate and degree students are getting addicted to tobacco and frequently they come out of the classes and consume tobacco. This itself is a bad and undesirable trait. Moreover drugs are much dangerous. The parents should take a better care and see that their children will not get spoiled due to these habits and see that they will not get addicted to these bad habits,
    Business people should also have some ethics. They should not supply such materials to people illegally. They should see their children in these young people and restrain themselves from supplying these drugs.

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    Terrifying! The whole matter is so horrifying that after reading the thread, I am worried. My son would be completing his twelfth next year, and undoubtedly, all such temptations will come his way. It would be quite a task to find out how my son is conducting himself. Such news makes me feel, that after a certain age, let a child does not step into his youth, later not into adulthood. I have no idea about a drug roll cigarette.

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    These are addictive drugs and when taken they affect the brain and create a feeling of euphoria. These drugs belong to the class of Opioids. They come in different forms like powder, pill, liquid, tar etc. Different Opioids affect the brain in different ways and their affect remains for different periods.

    Morphine, Heroin, Oxycodone, Fentanyl and Hydrocodone are some of these drugs and though limited use of some of these is allowed in medical practices but otherwise they are all addictive drugs and prohibited for trading.

    A strict governance and monitoring is required at Govt as well as society level to check the spread of this deadly addiction in the young people.

    Knowledge is power.

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