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    Chain Story Writing- join in and win prizes!

    Brush up your creative mind and join this creative contest to form a beautiful chain. Follow this thread and chip in whenever you feel that you have an idea. Just ensure that the chain is not broken.

    After a long gap, I am coming up with this thread to showcase our creative story writing ability.

    What we need to do is to write a story in a chain. The creative members of ISC can repeatedly join the chain and continue the story.

    What you need to do is - Follow the previous member's story write up and connect with the chain and then allow the next member to follow it up. Your write up should be between 100 and 150 words only. Your contribution may be serious, comedy, fun, mystery, dialogue etc.

    Please follow the posting guidelines of the site.

    Any member can kick start the story with his/her first response to this thread. Let the story be interesting. Please ensure that you don't break the chain. Members are requested to keep a tag of the storyline and to ensure that it is concluded aptly.

    This thread will be locked on the 18th of June. The member who posts the concluding part should be particularly aware.

    {From the editor's table- Suitable contributors will be duly rewarded}
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    I would like to start the story.

    Four days ago, in the early hours of the day, around three o clock, I woke up from a dream, but later I fell asleep.
    I got up later and I remembered that dream. In that dream an alien came and woke me up and gave me a password in my mobile and pushed me into a dark chamber having an electronic terminal. Once I access the terminal with my password I can write anything and hit enter, then that will become reality! But, he gave me only five minutes time to think. I started focusing on all my needs and wishes. I entered the darkroom, sat in front of the terminal..............

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    After thinking and over thinking I don't know what got into me and I wrote "Lord Voldemort". I mean "he who must not be named". I don't know why I wrote it. It might be because I had watched all the films of Harry Potter this weekend.

    Well, I kept waiting for a couple of minutes. Nothing really happened. Inside I was a little worried what if "you know who" comes in front of me. I am neither Harry Potter nor possess the power to vanquish him. How will I ever deal with the whole scenario? Moreover, how stupid of me to write his name when I could have asked for anything from money to fame and from power to worldly treasures. Next, what I see is beyond my imagination. My words will fall short to describe what I experienced in the next few minutes…..

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    It appeared but not a live character but a toy. I took a deep breath and thought what a big blunder I had made by just wasting my chance.

    I just looked at the toy, not an ordinary one but he could understand everything what I was thinking & spoke in a robotic voice "calm down, you are my master & bond to obey you. The best part was that he spoke in my local language. I ordered him to take me out of this place to my room. He said, I can only show you the solution but it's you who need to do the rest in order to reach my room. He gave me a clue, I thought, not again, a trusure hunt & I am very poor in solving puzzles.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    In pursuance to his clue, i surprisingly reached out on top of an Everest. It was snowing all around me but surprisingly i wasn't feeling cold. I didn't even had wore warm clothes. That robot toy was also disappeared. I was a little scared and confused as to what to do next. As i was trying to a way around, suddenly i saw a bright light coming out from a small cave located 20 feet on my right. As there was no other way out, i leaned towards that cave.....
    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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    As I went into the cave, what I see! There is a secret way that probably hadn't been walked on, I kept going farther where I was being continuously appraised for my earlier wishes by the unknown voice, a voice that could only be heard, but the source of the voice was undepictable. I tried to follow the voice and the source of that ultimate light.
    Now as I went closer, I suddenly felt a strong vibration and attraction, a force was pulling me towards a single direction. Is it the way to a new world, or some unsolved mystery, what was going to happen, all thoughts excited me and scared me a little..

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    Although excited and scared as well, I finally reached near a door which was huge and looked like a gateway to a kingdom. Before I could think and decide upon my next action, the door suddenly opened.

    I stood there and was amazed to witness the beautiful sight inside the gate. I was in a dilemma that what should I do. Should I enter or I shouldn't because I was confused regarding what was in store inside the world of the gate? The ambience of the surrounding within the gated society was marvellous, but it is a trap and eyewash or abode of humanity. Stood there in awe with an expectation of something interesting to happen.


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    Suddenly, something invisible swiftly dragged me into the Gate. When i opened my eyes, I found myself in a some kind of costume. A red coloured costume with shade of black lining at the corner and a mask on my face. I looked around and found myself in an empty big room having no window. Only a closed door with transparent glass. I felt like i am in a room of a huge fort or building. I tried to stand up and walk towards the door. As i came out of the door wearing that mysterious costume and there was danger waiting for me... quite shocking, scary...and dangerous...
    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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    The danger was that I heard a voice again from an unknown source, which asked me to answer its questions otherwise I will be punished with a lifelong curse and if I gave the incorrect answer, my life would come to an end!
    Now, what should I do, walk away and punished with a lifelong curse or choose to die or happily live. Things had gone very serious, dangerous and adventurous. I thought to take the risk and choose to answer, but what I hear the question and suddenly I get dumb, the solution is far away but I was astonished by the question, what to do now...

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    From the Author's table:
    Kindly ignore response #667834 which is a repetition of # 667814 of Lovish Raheja.
    Next member to continue the story after response # 667833 of Umang Shah.

    No life without Sun

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    The moment I stepped out of the door in the mysterious red coloured costume, I heard a scream and saw some tiny beings running helter-skelter. I was amused to see such a disturbance but failed to understand why all were looking so small while they looked at me so scarily.

    As I was in my thoughts, was wondering what had gone wrong, my eyes got stuck upon my feet. I got scared. My feet were huge, and gradually, I lifted my eyes towards the upper portion of my body. Oh! God, what happened to me? I exclaimed and questioned myself. Every part of my body had become extra large, and I looked like a giant. I got scared of myself then no wonder others would be too, so my quest began how to regain my original look.


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    The tiny beings were running here and there as in a frenzy and I was in a state of dire confusion as how to come back to my original size. I did not have a clue as how to communicate with these creatures who were definitely in a state of shock to find me amid them.

    Suddenly their activity subsided and they appeared to move to a corner where one of them started to address them. The voice was blurred but rhythmic though I could not understand what he was talking. As soon as he finished his speech, a group of people moved towards me in a polite and friendly manner, no arms in their hands. A cart with long stairs also followed them slowly towards me. The entity at the front was slowly waving his hand to me in a respectful manner. I was simply waiting for them.

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    I kneeled on my knee & one member from that group reached to my ear and asked me, " Who are you & what you want?". I was in a shock & once I too was one like them. I told them my name & the complete story. One of the old person who looked like their head came up to me & said, " We can help you to come to your old form but you will have to do us a favor? I agreed as I had no other option. He told me that, they are a small community & would like to construct a bridge to go other side but had less manpower to get it done. If I help them achieve it, they will give the medicine to regain my old personality.
    They bought food to eat & said, "We will start the bridge work from tomorrow, take rest".

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    The night gave me ample time to think over my predicament and I was able to make out that probably I was magically taken away to some other world when I was working on the terminal in that dark chamber. The people in this area looked friendly and intelligent as they could negotiate with me so quickly for construction of the bridge which was supposed to be an easy task for me given this type of giant body but I was just speculating about the magic potion they promised me to give for bringing me back to the normal size. Slowly I descended in deep sleep at the side of the big hall where I could accommodate my body along one side and it was only morning when I felt soft knocks below my ribs. I opened my eyes and found them standing nearby with some hot soup like thing in a drum. Rising from deep sleep I needed it. One of them came near my ears and whispered, "We will go to the bridge site after breakfast". I gulped down the tasty liquid as they were seeing towards me in awe and amusement.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Before i start building new bridge, i was of the opinion to look around the area and check out the place where i have reached mysteriously. It was a small village kind of place covered with a jungle on their west and Ocean on the East south side. There was a river coming through jungle and dives into the ocean. Across that river, there were hills. I could see all these clearly because of my big size and these rivers, hills, jungles and people were smaller in size for me, like toys. I made preparations for building bridge and help the villagers. As i was heading with material for building towards site of bridge, i hear a sound of whistle from the sea. I turned around to ocean and i asked myself, what's that!!! A huge ship was coming towards us. A ship that was of huge size for those villagers. A ship, having black flag at the top, making noise of whistle.....
    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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    A big ship furling a black coloured flag was moving fast towards the bridge building site while sending an impression of some impending fear through a continuous hurried whistle. I stood still watching the ship and was trying to adjudge the matter, but suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of the tiny villagers who looked terrified.

    I then enquired from some of the inhabitants about the matter while the ship was not far off from the construction site. The tiny inhabitants said the ship coming was from the neighbouring village. They further said it was the villagers from Moron which is of dacoits. Every month the dacoits come charging the kingdom to loot their wealth, and no tiny men have the strength to stop them.


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    All the villagers there are looking at me as if I can do something and stop those neighbouring villagers to come and steal their property. I am waiting for the ship to come. I asked all the village people around there try to make as much as noise possible and see the reaction of those people coming in the ship.
    The ship was stopped at a far off distance and one man who is like any normal man has come out and observing from the distance what is happening here. Probably they are quite amazed to see so many people making so much noise there. I am standing at the port and the man who got down from the ship can see me very clearly from there.
    What is going to happen, everyone is in great excitement.

    always confident

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    After seeing me the persons on the ship gathered on the deck as they must be puzzled by the presence of such a giant in this village where they came to loot so often. They were in a state of confusion and here the villagers were seeing towards me as if something will be done from my side. I could understand the situation by now and I just took a big wooden log lying on the side of the river bed and just started to move towards ship wading in the shallow waters on the shore. The dacoits never thought such a thing could happen to them and immediately started their ship turning back to flee the place of the giant. But it was too late as I had already thrown the big log which broke the sides of the ship turning it to one side as a toy and there was a big noise and few of them managed to swim along the shore to protect their life but rest were caught in the hull of the ship and drowned. The villagers were jumping with joy.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The giant-like being who himself felt like a stranger in the world of tinies was equally excited like the happily jumping villagers. His body structure was transformed into an enormous entity but had not undergone any change in humanity.

    The stranger was not only excited, but something else was going within his mind. In the meantime, the villagers and their stranger guest got involved in building the bridge. It was not a matter of a day, but somehow the giant-like being was engrossed in himself. He was happy that he was able to help the tinies, but was thinking that what would happen when the villagers would give him the potion to get back his original form. He was worried because he didn't have that courage and strength to counter any wrongdoing earlier, so now he started loving his enormous entity.


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    I was loving this enormous form. I was feeling happy and blessed for helping those tiny beings. The villagers were coming back towards me to probably thank me and fulfill their promise to help me to get back to my original size. I wasn't ready for that again. Suddenly, a very high tone of birds got heard in my ears. A very bright light filled up my eyes which made me struggle to watch around. Everything around me started destroying and i was going downward in the earth because of a heavy jerk.....and it woke up me up from this beautiful dream.......The sound of birds was of my alarm and the light was sunlight coming from my window. When i came out in balcony, shockingly, everything except my house was smaller, just like it was my dream.... Shocking and mysterious....(The End)
    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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