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    Living in the present moment may be the best way to keep away tensions

    If I tell you to keep yourself free from tension, you may say it is not possible to live without tensions. In fact, many will say the same thing. You can say that it can be reduced but cannot be completely removed. Day in and day out people are trying to find ways to manage tensions. Actually, our life has become such hectic that we remain worried all the time and since this worry increases our mental pressure we try to find ways to reduce it. If we try to think logically it will be found that we worry too much on things which are beyond our control at the moment or we start worrying on things where we have no role to play.

    Take the case of a student who is going to write an important exam after three months. All the day she/he may be thinking of the outcome of the result of the exam and the possible aftereffects if she/he is not successful in the exam. Many will find this natural but the interesting part is the student is more worried about what is going to happen in future rather than paying attention to complete the studies. Take the example of a person waiting anxiously for his relative to arrive at his home. His relative is visiting the place for the first time, though he got the address and all possible directions that he needs to follow to reach the destination. The person is so anxious at his home that he constantly calling his relative to know where he reached and whether he is following the correct route. Just think of it! Can the person sitting at home do anything if his relative follows a different route than the one described by him? Then why worry? Let him choose his route and if there is any problem he will surely give a call. Or take the case of a person whose sleep is disturbed because whenever he goes to bed a particular incident that happened long ago crops up in his mind.

    These are only three examples and there are many more where you will find that mostly we are thinking a lot on either what has already happened or what is going to happen after some time. Don't you think that staying at the present moment is the best way to keep away tensions?
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    Do what you have to do know? Don't worry and don't think whether you can complete the work in time or not. Do what is to be performed by you just now as planned by you. We are all having multiple tasks on hand. But we can't do all works at a time. You should do one work at one time. When you plan your works, you plan timewise and do what you have planned for that moment. Without doing that if start worrying about what will happen if I am not able to complete the work, some more time will get wasted in this bargain and finally you will find yourself lost in the game. A cricketer when he is playing a ball in the game will think about that ball only not about the next ball. Because if he gets out of that ball, there is no next ball to him in that game. The same philosophy will work well for all of us in all our works.
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    In short, the author is asking to practice mindfulness. It is an art to live in the present rather than dwelling in the past or spending endless hours thinking about the unpredictable future. It's really sad to know that we either keep thinking about our past when we know for sure that we can't go back and change the things or else keep worrying about the future when we know what the future will bring for us cannot be predicted.

    We can only live in the present. We need to make the most of it. However, we don't do that and ruin the current moment. Once we learn to live in the present, we automatically will bid goodbye to most of our worries and stress. Life will become much easier to live.

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    A good post by the author. It is very true that we should focus in the present and avoid wandering of our mind here and there or postmortoming the past things.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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