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    You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It is a weakness to get caught up in either one.

    The above quotation is by John Wooden. I was much impressed with it when I read it for the first time. The world is like that, it will either praise you or criticize you but a prudent and wise person should not be affected by that and should not take it on its face value. If others praise you or criticize you then it is their assessment and their outlook. Their comments are based on their knowledge and prudence. It is not conclusive of what you have done. You know what you did and how effective was it. Keep yourself detached with their reactions and remarks and be on your own.

    What do you think about this philosophy? Please share your views?
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    True. These assessments are all relative and the rating depends on the person who is doing the assessment. They will have their own way of assessing things. It is not like evaluating answer sheets with the key answers. So if somebody is praising you, you need not think really you are a genius. You should have your own way of assessing yourselves. You know what is that you have done? Is it up to your estimations or beyond your expectations or below your expectations will be known to you?
    Similarly, somebody is criticizing you, understand the point in the criticism and if you really you feel, you can correct yourselves. If your point of view is different no problem you carry on your way.
    It is a good way of thinking. But take them positively and if you feel there is something you need to do it, do it.

    always confident

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