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    Indian Tourism: A potential job mine.

    The Indian tourism is an important source of foreign exchange source. The contribution of tourism to India's GDP is around 9.2% and supported 8.1% of India's workforce.
    The Indian medical tourism is said to be around 3 billion dollars and likely to grow to 7-8 billion dollars in 2020. India was ranked 9th in terms of its' cultural and natural resources.

    India has a rich and diverse array of attractions that would appeal to the global traveller or the global tourist. From historical monuments,archaeological wonders,lush green jungles, pockets of good wildlife etc are popular themes for tourists.

    We need to focus on supporting the infrastructure and the potential tourist destinations, advertise and have e-booking platforms, monitor private players, ensure safety of the foreign visitors. Given the tough job market now, I think we can focus on what we have in hand, make ourselves competitive, reliable and safe. With tourism comes an array of indirect jobs that can drive the economy (home stays, travel bookings, food and beverage industry, handicrafts etc).
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    It's true there are lots of opportunities in the tourism sector and one can tap these opportunities by studying the tourism industry in India. People love to tour and nowadays it is a lot easier to book hotels and tickets because everything is done online. Our country is huge and has diverse cultures. In this single country, we will find people speaking different languages at different places. A foreigner can visit any part of this country to experience its diversity and I am sure they have a thrilling experience to share with their countrymen back home. Many new tourist destinations are coming up and the old ones are renovated but an important aspect is the safety and security of the tourists. A person new to this place doesn't have much idea about the cost of various items and knows little about the entire place. Though travel guides are available and the visitors themselves get ideas from various sources but in reality, their experience matters the most. If they have a bitter experience with the facilities available at a particular place or somehow experience fraudulent activities then it will impact them in a bad way. There are many people in the country who try to dupe foreign tourists in different ways. There must be a check on these issues so that it doesn't impact the tourism sector. The present scenario is encouraging and the drawbacks should be addressed properly to boost business in the sector even more.

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    Author has put up a very important contemporary subject for discussion and I agree that Indian tourism has great room for improvement.

    India has immense potential for tourism due to variety of landscapes as well as the cultural diversity. There is a special place of India in the minds of the foreign tourists due to the spiritual and other things like Yoga and methods to attain a peaceful life. Many of them come in search of the eternal truth here and are really impressed by our philosophy of life.

    We have to take mileage out of this strength and definitely tourism can be taken to great heights if commensurate infrastructure facilities are created in tourist places and other places of interest.

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    There lies vast scope of improvement of the tourism areas but unfortunately a few areas in Jharkhand, Bengal, MP are lagging behind becaus of neutral attitude of the Government. It would be better if we follow the footprints of other states having their one eyes on the improvement of infra- structure to attract the tourists. Foreign tourists are curious in nature and would like to know the untapped cultures of different races living in India maintaining coherence even in the diversified cultures. There exists enough room for the growth of the industry and so a hefty growth of revenue in the tourism sector.
    We need to tap the different avenues so that the tourists including foreigners make a bee line to witness the different places having significant importance in the area of tourism.

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    India is a very big country with many places of interest to visit. There are historical places. There are pilgrim places. There are very famous constructions. There are recently developed places which are worth seeing.
    In the earlier days, these tourist places were neglected and no importance has been given and there is no knowledge about many of there places to the people.
    But these days because many channels nook and corner places are also getting exposed and there is a piece of good information to all the people about these places. So many people are trying to go and see as many places as possible. The financial conditions of the public in general improved. So these days we are witnessing good growth in the number of people visiting various places.
    These places are attracting many foreigners also to our country. Because of all these developments, this area has grown as a big area where there are many opportunities for people to getting jobs. The central government and state governments should concentrate more so that a lot of jobs can be created in this field and a huge foreign exchange can be obtained by the government by attracting foreign visitors.

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