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    What is the maximum number of articles one can post?

    Hello Everyone

    I am a ISCian since 2011. However due to my day job I don't get enough time to be here hence I am not updated with ever changing regulations. I wanted to know about how many articles I can post on ISC in a day/Week/month. Is there any limitations or is it like I can post as many as I like to?

    Answers will be appreciated. Cheers
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    I do not think that there is as such any limit on the number of articles one can submit. Only thing is they should be good in their quality of contents and conform to the policies of the site. Of course they will be deemed to be published and earn points only after approval by the concerned editor.
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    I think the magic number is five. In the sense that the system prevents you from posting articles if you have five under New Submission. You can post again, as soon as one gets approved, but the limit of five articles in New Submission stays. That is how it used to be.

    There is no restriction on the number of articles that you can post within a given period. I once wrote 90+ articles in a month and more than 30 articles another time.

    Once writers prove their calibre their posts get approved faster and the waiting period gets done away with.

    I have based my response on how things used to be, and I hope I am right.

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    As such, there is no limit. You can submit any number of articles. But if there are 10 articles of you which are to be edited and accepted, you may hold for some time till some of the articles are reviewed and the verdict has been given. This is what I read sometime back from a reply given by Managing Editor for a similar question.
    The articles should be original and you should not have published the same elsewhere. It shouldn't be a copied content. The quality of the article is to be good
    You can read the articles written on this subject which will be there at the top of the index of articles in the article section. You can also read the threads which are pinned and which are there at the top of the index of the threads. Then you will get a good understanding of the article submission procedures, do's and don'ts and you will get all the required details.

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    Articles come under resources. You can submit as many as you can. Please remember that if you have 3 posts in pending or new submission status, then you cannot post until these are cleared. If 5 posts in the resource section get rejected, then it invites a suspension in the article section. So, please submit quality articles, that are at least 1000 words in length and have original content. This thread in forum deals with
    ISC posting limits

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    This post has given good insight for how many articles a member can submit and to that extent we all are benefitted with this information.

    I think writing articles is a laborious activity and when it comes to maintaing the quality also then it becomes a bit difficult also. So theoretically we can produce as many articles as we wish but practically it will not be possible to churn out them so fast.

    On a helarious note I am struggling for submitting an article even in a quarter of the year! Of course, I can always attribute it to my activity in forum and Ask Expert section.

    I deeply appreciate the knowledge and patience of those who regularly produce articles having good contents in their own style giving it a unique original touch. I welcome such authors as I am an enthusiastic reviewer.

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