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    Indo-Pak at SCO summit

    PM's of both countries attended the 19th SCO summit in Kyrgyzstan's capital beshkek. In a stern message directed at Pakistan, Indian prime minister said, "countries aiding, supporting and harbouring terrorists should be held accountable and countries should come out of the narrow slogans and ordinary calling to stop terrorism." While addressing the summit, PM also said, "that all the countries should unite against terrorism and intensify the cooperation to stop this mence."

    While Imran khan said, "peace and prosperity is elusive until we stop confrontation and cooperate with each other. He also said, "that Pakistan condemns terrorism in all its forms including state terrorism against people under illegal occupation". He also added that, "Pakistan will actively participate in SCO's anti terrorism initiatives."

    However, both the leaders exchanged pleasentries when they were in premieres lounge. This was the first meeting between the two after pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF Jawan's were killed in J&K in Febuary this year.

    How do members see the statements by both PM's? And do you agree that dialogue process should be initiated between the two countries?
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    Many times our country initiated talks for unity and peaceful atmosphere. However we have not seen any positive results. We always try for harmony and peace. But Pakistan thinks that we have no guts. But with the latest actions taken by our government has made them to understand our strength and made our intentions also clear.
    Both the PM targeted each other in their talks. They both tried to point out faults with the other one without naming the country. When PM of India talked about cross border terrorism , the PM of the other country was talking about the internal issues of our country.
    As individuals both of them have no enmity That is why they exchanged pleasantries but when the issue of relations between they will talk as the Chiefs of the countries. .

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    It is difficult to break the ice in the shade of terrorist activities. For having this type of dialogues a conducive and reliable atmosphere is required which is unfortunately not there. India has many times taken initiative for talks with Pakistan but every time they did not come up to our expectations. I think we have to wait for some time till Pakistan assures removal of terrorism from its premises and cooperates with the world in this respect. The main problem in starting talks is the existence of terrorist outfits in Pakistan. If a country can not control the terrorist groups in its place then it tantamount to having relations as hand in gloves with them.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Seeing the consistent situation of the terrorists in Pakistan, it is very difficult for India to go for peace talks. Pakistan is under pressure due to the recent developments and want to start the talks at an earliest.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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