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    Should we not care more for our environment?

    Chennai may be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. There are certain parts, like say, Besant Nagar, that have thousands of trees, and are maintained well. Even Velacheri has some good areas. However, the public is so indifferent and there are areas that are so badly dirty. The private parties do not clean everything that is found in the huge green color bins. The public should be more disciplined like in Bangalore. Here, the door to door collection of waste ensures that the ugly bins do not spoil the city environment.

    Since the entire metro is now complewith thousands of apartments coming up all over, and over twenty stories are so common, it is obvious that unless the State Government goes in for at least fifty desalination plants right across the vast sea, the water problem will continue. It is also now being said that Bangalore itself has a water problem of sorts and parts of another lovely city called Hyderabad, are also affected.

    The reason is very poor planning. The people should be more disciplined. They ought to dump their waste only in specific areas and not everywhere. The discipline should start right from schools. Can we have the Bangalore model followed everywhere? Members, who know how some local communities are managing the problem of waste, in innovative ways, please share their views and first-hand information,.
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    Yes. We should care for environment. As a human being it is our responsibility to see that the nature is preserved. But unfortunately the selfish human beings are trying to harm the nature for their comforts.
    Waste management is a topic by itself and a vast subject. In Hyderabad I heard there are some common waste treatment plants where these collected waste are converted as composted which are useful for organic food production. Every house is provided with two waste bins. One is for wet waste and the other is for dry waste. The persons will come and collect these wastes and despatch them to these treatment plants.
    But people still are not getting the severity of the problem. Wherever open plots are there, we will find heaps of wastes and looks so dirty.

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    There is no doubt that everyone must be concerned for our environment. Actually, Self descipline and awareness about our environment can be attained only through education and we know the reality of our current education system. It's unfortunate that our education system is more focused on job creation and marks and grades than character building and awareness.
    When students are made aware about importance of environment and their concern and responsibility as a citizen and a human being plays vital role in their behavioral attitude towards environment protection.
    Also it's fault on the side of Govt. The environmental issues have never been issues concerning politics and matter of vote bank and therefore less importance has been given to environment protection. It's people of India who have to spray awareness for environmental issues and then only Govt. will take cognizance and will act in such direction. In short, it's collective responsibility of both the citizens and Govt. but it's people who has to take initiative.

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    Human beings are the worst culprits in damage of environment. In the name of development we are cutting trees and building concrete buildings. People do not bother about the environment. It is not only the story of Chennai. In every city we face the similar problems. People urinate right in front of the notice Board where it is written urinating in that place is punishable. Unless people take of the environment it will be very difficult for the authorities to control.
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    Yes, we certainly can and should do more for the environment and our neighborhoods. The simplest step should be for improving the sense of respect for public areas and basic civic amenities. With this would come a heightened awareness and willingness to ensure that our neighborhood is as clean as our homes.

    Once this is started, then each locality or apartment complex can start waste segregation, rainwater harvesting, looking after the saplings planted by the municipal authorities. Then senior citizens, people in influential positions need to get together and form neighborhood watch groups, Residential citizen forums, etc.

    Some examples in Bangalore where citizens have taken care of environment are, Sankey tank walkers association (closely monitors the Sankey tank which is a vital lung space and water spot), Puttenahalli neighborhood lake improvement trust (this trust spearheaded the revival of a dying lake that took 7 years). RWA(resident welfare associations) in Indiranagar has fiercely opposed loud noise from discos and trouble from bars to reduce noise pollution and make the neighborhood safe.

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    We are always depending on Govt for everything but not contributing our bit for the environment protection. It is necessary that the citizens in their areas should make awareness group and volunteer groups who should showcase the bench marks for others. I have such groups in my locality and they are very effective.
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    Nature had given us everything which is required to sustain our life. Unfortunately, in our quest for technological and scientific advancements coupled with industrial growth we have continuously degraded our environment and polluted it to such extent that our biosphere itself is becoming a threat to us. The human life is at a challenging juncture and it is a question of life and death if serious remedial actions are not adopted to save the planet from the coming disastrous situations in future.
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    Government should have good & correct study of the locals. They come up with many schemes but are actually not implemented in proper way. Waste management as we discuss is a big issue but many place we don't see skip for waste. Many place have skip but are full & not being carried way. Many markets have heaps of garbage lying from many days or weeks but still not attended.
    When we talk about people throwing waste in the open plot, what we expect. If a solution is not provided even after raising an alarm to the concerned authorities, what can be done. Whom to blame. We know it will come back to us in other way - Foul smell, Flies & mosquitoes, infections, new disease, etc.

    I don't say, everything needs to be done by the government but the basic things need to be provided by the government & then carrying it properly is every citizens responsibility.

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