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    Can we be more empathetic, really?

    The entire country and most parts of North India, seems to be in the grip of a very severe heat wave. If reports are to be believed, travel by trains in the second sleeper or unreserved compartments is just horrible, as the heat can simply make one very sick.

    Within cities like Chennai, people run around for water in some many places. The rich and the super rich are quite safe as they have their own resources and ground water is quite okay in some parts. Yet, can't the rick identity some pockets of small lakes that are still available, clean them up and then save it, much like how the public of Coimbatore saved the Ukkadam lake? We need firm action in this regard. It is just empathy. The rich and the corporate houses need more of empathy.

    Our social condition also includes those who suffer so much. Should we not do our bit to make their lives a bit better? What can be done in this regard?
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    I tell you many of the rich and super rich people are very greedy. If there is a chance they will store water also for their next four generations but never bother about the neighbours who are loosing their lives for want of water. The real estate business people and these rich people are responsible for getting many of the ponds and lakes getting converted to lands for constructing houses. So expecting such people to help for a social cause may not yield good results.
    It is a good idea to have as many ponds as possible where ever chances are there to make. Some good NGOs can take up such jobs and we all can help the way it is possible to us.. But it is the need of the hour to create such water reservoirs which will make the ground water levels to increase and water problems will get reduced.

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    It is not that the rich and coporate houses are stingy. We just need the right people to approach them to get what we need. One Mr.Prabhashankar fought for 5 years persistently to save Chinnappanahalli lake, Bangalore. He signed an MoU with BBMP (Bangalore municipal corporation). B.Muthuram, ex-vice chairman from Tata Steel and Anand, working for Sansera got together and revived Kyalasanahalli lake in just 45 days with the help of public and funds from corporates.

    Now, Anand Malligavad part of 'The Lake Reviers Collective' is planning to save 45 lakes in Bangalore by 2025.
    So, it can be done with a core group of like-minded people who can reach out to the common people and also to the government, corporate houses to get the manpower and funding to make the dream come true. The key individual should be able to think beyond their own benefits and should have the passion to drive the project. If Bangalore can do it. Why not Chennai, maybe there are people already doing it.

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    In our country the population is so large that whatever efforts are made for the benefit of poor or lower class they do not reach equitably to all. Sometimes financial constraints will be there but most of the times it is the governance which is to be blamed for it. We can not blame the rich for this.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We as a mass need to come forward and raise up the issue to the governing bodies, say, the panchayat, Municipality, etc. We know if we wait for the government to take action, it will take time & it may not be the way that is best for the people. If we or say the people of that area come together & start small act of doing such activities, like saving water, cleaning river bank, Seeing to it that no one throw garbage in the water bodies. Such act can be showcased in front of people though social media or local news channel which will inturn catch the eye of the concern person. On the other hand, some can go & put it on paper in front of the concern person or committee. This will help in making the process quick.
    We know of these issues but we hardly lend a hear till it affect us. Hope everyone in the society learn from their mistake & learn to use the resources fruitfully.

    I would like to conclude with just a notice put on the blackboard of a school :
    Grandfather saw it in river,
    Father saw it in well,
    We see it in tap,
    Our children will see it in bottle,
    Where will our grandchildren see it ! in capsule?
    If we neglect, it will be seen only in tears.

    Well written note to be understood & act accordingly.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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