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    Rations at your door step!!

    Rations, given to the very poor and those who also need it most, is part of the Public Distribution system. The Central Government of Modi wants to totally dismantle this and give just Rs.500 to each household. This is pathetic to say the least.

    The rations should continue. If not anything else, they should even be more strengthened, Let us not do something to totally spoil the environment and make so many talk that Karl Marx is relevant even now. Apart from this, the innovation in terms of giving the rations, right at the door steps of the concerned people, being now attempted in AP, needs to be replicated everywhere. This can be done through whats up messages and should be done without any pain. The people will happily receive it in their homes. This will save them all trouble and time. Of course, everything is already computerized and hence the chance of corruption will be zero. It does seem that the new CM, Jagan is doing some thing good. Let us praise him.

    We need innovations like this everywhere.
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    Distribution of rations to the poor through the public distribution system is a many decade-old practice, and it should continue. If the Modi government tried to dismantle the system, they may not come to power in 2024. It is like BJP digging its own grave. We do not want any freebie through the ration shops but the food items should be distributed at subsidy rates. Rs. 500/- to each family to replace the ration distribution will not be appreciated and accepted.
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    Many people these days who take ration items from the shops are selling outside to normal shops and taking the money. I know many people in Hyderabad who are doing the same practice. The shops will purchase them at a little higher rate but sell them at a high price. The shop owners are getting benefitted. This is one problem which is to be addressed.
    But giving money in place of commodities may not be a good idea. The men in many of these families will use that money for liquor and the lady has to suffer for getting food to the house members. So the central government should not attempt such attempts.
    Anyhow the decision is not taken so far. These are all rumours. let us wait and see what is going to happen then only we can think of it.

    always confident

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    My views are different in this. I agree with Modi it's okay to give the cash than to give ration items. I remember there are more chances of people doing Kala bazari in ration shops. Also, the government will save space by giving away cash than eatables.

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    Sir, the poor are very poor. Money will not solve the problem. Not everyone is dishonest. If money is given, as Rao Sir has said, the man will use it for only booze. Pl note that it is the women who gets the rations and runs the family.

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    They can arrange the coupons worth subsidy which they want to spend on the poor families who are below the poverty line which can be used to buy essential items from any departmental stores.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Giving cash instead of rations is not good. The cash may be utilized in some other manner and the family may have to forego rations for some days in every month. The main reason for selling rice is because of the poor quality only. A lot of foodgrains are wasted due to the mismanagement in the storage and distribution system.
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    The rations at present has being reduced and given as per the category in which they fall. We had these same steps taken by the BJP government by giving up the gas subsidies.
    How many villages or people have being given new collections from the subsidies collect. They have done but not fully. These money collected are used by them for their security, food and other personal activities. Why don't they give up their subsidies. They never do it.

    Rations are a help to poor family and these are the source which help them feed their children and families.

    The corruption that shop dealers do should be caught & punished. These solely depend on the government, what and how these schemes reach the people without middle man playing their game and looting poor people.

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    Ration is still a necessity for the poor as their income is not sufficient to purchase it from the open market. The small grant from the Govt is also not sufficient for that. Discontinuation of ration will affect many poor families.

    In this situation the scheme for ration at you door step in the state of AP is an ambitious project and the poor will definitely welcome it.

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    Giving ration at the door step is a great idea and the public will definitely welcome this move. Ration is a need of the lower strata of the society and depriving them from it will not be a prudent thing. Only thing is we should exclude the middle and upper class from this.
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    I don't think 'ration at your doorstep' is a practical or viable idea. The public distribution system that is now being practised has become more effective with all the distribution points being connected through a network to the main office and the stock also being maintained through a common network. It is better to continue the system rather than going in for Utopian ideas. I don't understand why one should consider it an effort or waste of time going to the PDS shop when one does not mind going to shops for all his other needs.

    Rs 500/- per month as suggested by Shri Modi also sounds rather like a joke considering the ever-fluctuating market prices and also the rising prices of commodities almost on a daily basis.

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