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    Are there Sarangis in your place too?

    He is the best RSS man I have ever heard of. He lives such a very honest simple life. He seems to have won the hearts of many thousands of his own people. And he is now an Union Minister.

    Can we have some news about other Sarangis in your own area? Yes, we need to really thank them. They could be silently doing very good work. Why not go after them and collect all the details?

    There is one gentleman, who lives the life of a communist. Every single pie of his is accounted for. He always talks about communism. Even today, his words are respected. His name is Nalla kannu. He is one of the big leaders of the communist party of CPI from here. However, even within his own party, the other guys are very corrupted. Or at least morally corrupted.

    If Members have someone or know someone from your local area, please do let us know.
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    Yes. I do know the CPI leader Nallakannu who hails from Srivaikuntam of Tirunelveli district in Tamilnadu. He is a very simple and able politician. However, I do not know the union minister you are talking about. I do not know about any sarangi from RSS.

    When I was a boy, not knowing that the guy was from RSS, I spend a few years in that organization. That guy from RSS, visited my place and lured all the young boys by telling stories and organizing small games. Finally, he hired a place to set up his RSS unit. There he nurtured plants and trees. Then he formed a Kabaddi team. We participated in tournaments. After few years I left that organization and concentrated on my school studies. I must say that he was a strong RSS leader. I do not know his whereabouts now. Probably he could be No more.

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    There was one MLA from Andhra Pradesh who was living a very simple life. He was an MLA for 4 or 5 times. But he didn't have his own house also and he used to commute on cycle. I forgot his name. He is also from CPI only and he was from Khammam district. He used to go to all the people to know the problems and he used to try his best for solving such problems.
    Our famous Lal Bahadur Sastry is a very good example of such type of persons. He never had any property and he took a loan for purchasing a car and the loan has been repaid fully to the last paise by his wife after the demise of Lal Bahadur.
    Anyhow these days it is very difficult to find such politicians who are committed to service to the nation without any selfish thoughts. All politicians are having crores of rupees and they will get their wealth increased by many times by the time they complete their tenure as MPs or MLAs.

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    Rao Sir, it is true that Jagan is trying to be different? Many of his actions seem to imply that he is very sincere. Can he make a change now? Will he be able to cut into Naidu's base,more so, as he seems to be announcing something everyday?

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    We have some people like that but there number is very less. Sometimes they are not successful in implementing their ideas due to the group of corrupt people who always corner such good souls. So, Sarangis are there but what is required is more Sarangis in our system. They should come on the forefront and become a prominent person in decision making and execution then only the real benefit will be accrued to the society as well as nation.
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    In our area there is one municipal representative who takes a lot of interest in the activities of volunteer groups and gets many facilities and works done for the common parks etc. He has taken lead in many cleanliness drives also. His way of working is in a very selfless and cooperative mode.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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