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    Will the chemicals simply eat us up?

    The entry of chemicals into our lives is so complete. One is told that vegetables and fruits are sprinkled with chemicals. Mangoes on trees are sprayed with chemicals to make them ripe faster. Farmers in Chittooor district of AP are very happy doing this.

    And of course, the young IT crowd and the yuppy generation is so much into using so many harmful creams and shampoos. Terrific chemicals. What will happen if these continue?

    Rao Sir and others who know chemistry so well, can please respond and also specify alternatives.
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    Synthetic chemicals are having their own problems. They will do more harm to the body than making it healthy. These days people are trying to use carbides which will make the fruits to get the riped colour fast but the internal taste is not as that of the original fruit. Not farmers, but the traders do this trick to have the early bird advantage in the market. The leftovers of these chemicals will make more harm to our body.
    Using synthetic chemicals for the body is another problem. They may give you initially some better look but as the time passes without using them you can't see your face in the mirror. So the best is to use turmeric for face and Soap nuts for a head bath than shampoos and beauty items. I have seen many people using various creams for saving their skin but the best is to use Coconut oil. That will keep the body smooth and the skin will have a natural glow. Even for cleaning of our body using all types of soaps is not advisable. Better to use Bengal gram dal fine powder. Once you start using these items you will not have any necessity to use any face powder.

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    There are several reports regarding use of chemicals on fruits and particularly on mangoes. They use the chemicals to make the fruits look fresh and colorful. These chemicals contains many poisonous ingredients which causes cancer. Therefore we need to take lots of care in use of these fruits, Particularly for the children it is very harmful. The authorities also should take measures ban such consignments coming to market.
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    The modern life is full of pollutants and hazardous chemicals. Whatever we are eating, smelling and inhaling is all lined up with the synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are very harmful for our health and in long run affect our body systems and then we get some ailments for which the unending visits to the hospitals start. Today just because the vegetables and fruits must remain fresh and look glowing and shining, the vendors are using all sorts of wax preparations and chemical preservative which remain attached to the outer covers of these material and some times even impregnate and make them unhealthy. There does not seem to be a solution at present as we are ignoring these things and continue consuming these affected items without properly washing or cleaning or peeling them as the case may be.
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    This is really a fearful situation that our daily food is so much contaminated with the chemicals and additives. In the name of food preservation and long distance transport of food items we are playing with the health of the people. Sometimes the scientific advancements have inherent costs involved and the whole of the humanity suffers.
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    We cannot avoid the use of chemicals. In that case, we have to go back by centuries and live like Cavemen.

    Not all Chemicals are damaging. Many chemicals are approved after proper and reliable research to be used in agriculture, food preservation, and processing. Many chemicals lose their harmful nature after some time or are got rid of by washing etc. Our body tolerates and eliminates many chemicals.

    The scientists, researchers, and the government should approve only harmless chemicals and any misuse regarding variants, dosage, and illegal and unapproved, non-permitted and harmful chemicals should be punished exemplary treating such offence akin to consciously planned and conducted murder.

    Food adulteration should be also punished similarly.

    We need strong political and governmental will power, non-corrupt officials and a well aware public for this to be effective.

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    May be 20 years back, we rarely would have come across the cases of cancer among people. But, now the no.of cancer cases are on increase. The main cause of cancer is chemical intake from adulterated food, Fruits, Vegetables and pollution. People using chemicals to preserve the items without knowing danger. These poisonous chemicals are causing many health hazards including dreaded cancer. We need to create awareness among farmers and other who are indulging in use of chemicals. The concerned authorities should also take action against those people who are using chemicals in food items.
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