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    Which wholesale business is very good for AP and Telengana?

    I have been motivating some entrepreneurs, based on some real world success stories of those who have succeeded. This is mostly from the city of Coimbatore.

    However, there are so many interesting in trading activities. For instance, a few people that I know of, are so busy buying the best of chilies from Guntur district of AP and selling it elsewhere. The margin seems to be good. However, the investment runs into several lakhs of rupees and they are in the business for a very long time.

    In Tamil Nadu, there are hundreds of cases where the wife is originally from AP. She would speak Telugu so well and so the children and even the husbands pick up the spoken language so well. Very recently there were queries from two budding entrepreneurs who wanted to buy something in bulk from places like Nellore or Tirupathi and sell it here in some parts near Chennai or within a one hundred kilometer space, as up to seventy kilometers are serviced by the T.Nadu Government bus and the bus pass is enough to go around. That is a fixed expense of just one thousand rupees every month. Since I do not know Telugu, am unable to communicate.

    Those from the State may please advise. What trading is ideal? They have around one lakh each and can borrow another one lakh through some jewel loan. They do not want debts and would like to liquidate the loan so fast with cash flow. Right now, the families are busy buying textiles in bulk and selling them elsewhere. They seem to be making some Rs.18,000 as profit. They seem to be enjoying some credit facilities. The full details are never shared as those are trade secrets, which is understandable.

    Those who know the intricacies of doing business on the lines mentioned above, may please do respond, as I can give them some leads.
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    There are some places in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where special varieties of clothes are being made. There is a place called Uppada near Kakinada of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. In that place, silk sarees are made and the quality is excellent and the rates are cheap. Many people go and purchase there. So people can purchase these sarees and sell there for a higher price. I know many ladies bringing these items and selling in the cities and making good money.
    Another item is a special sweet item known as Kaaza. This is being made in a place called Mandapet of East Godavari District. The taste is unique and many people like these items. The cost is very less and these sweets are being exported also. In Hyderabad, there are shops where exclusively these sweets are sold. I think this will also have a good chance to make some money.

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    Dear Rao Sir, thank you so much. Since language is not an issue, they wanted the information. Since am also interacting with these people a bit, a few days ago, I learned what is meant by buttermilk in Telugu. Some words seem to be very similar to Tamil words.

    I shall pass on this information to them. Am sure they will be interested. I shall also make it a point to learn Telugu so that I can guide these people better. It is nothing but social service. Most of them are family friends. They speak Tamil so well. Those from Chittoor know both languages so well. I can also mention this in the entrepreneurship development sessions. The only problem is that they do not have big means. Their fathers are very highly disciplined people. Debts are never encouraged. Only jewel loans for some urgent requirement.

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    Rao Sir, thank you once again. One of the guys has already landed in the place to buy the saris. Hope he will have stories to tell after a while. These are very small things but it does matter a lot. Actually, the reverse is also happening. Those from Tirupathi land in Chennai, and since they know Tamil so well, they buy organic foods from wholesalers and take them back by the evening train. I met with a couple of guys yesterday. There is horse gram powder, there is some sort of ragi powder and some health mix and so on. They happily sell for a profit in places like puttur and Tirupathi. They come once to identify the sources. Am told credit is also given. It is great to know that so many are surviving through some trading or the other.

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    I am happy to note that one many have already gone the place suggested and trying to purchase sarees there. If he can do some good business, I will be the happiest person. I hope there will not be any loss in the bargain the man will never scold me. As he has already gone there, the other place I have suggested is also near to the place he has gone. So he can make a try there also for sweets. Than you Sivakumar for your information.
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    As per my information the cashew crop is also good in these regions and there is a good margin in them. Only thing is they are to be properly dried and stored before sending them to the retailers. Some people are already in this business and one can join that chain. It is not a new business but an established one so modalities will not be a problem for new persons. Another thing is there is a high end market for roasted and salted cashew nuts and if properly packed and tinned they have a good self life. These entrepreneurs can see these opportunities also if they are going to trade in cashew nut.
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