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    Yes Vs No: Mr.Kejriwal vs Mr.Sreedharan

    The CM of Delhi declared that Free travel for ladies would be introduced in the coming 8 months. It would cost Rs 1567 crore. This would be welcome news for the public.

    But, Mr. Sreedharan, the Metro Man of India has raised serious objections and has recommended the PM not the approve this. When the metro started, it was decided that everyone would pay. For his first ride, Former PM Mr.AB Vajpayee had bought a ticket too (in 2002).

    His other concerns are a worrying trend (Delhi metro would incur a big loss) is set and the Delhi Metro is a joint project of Delhi metro rail co and the Center. Moreover, this would set the wrong precedence to other metros in other cities. If the Delhi Government wants to help women, let it directly deposit the money in the individual's account.

    What would be your views?
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    It is very true that the Delhi Metro will incur loss if such a free travel to the women is granted. On the other hand if Govt is compensating it with revenue from other sources then Mr Sreedharan's objection does not stand. The main thing to consider is that how the profits of Delhi Metro are going to be utilised. If they are simply going to the Govt coffers and not under the control of Delhi Metro then it does not matter whether ride is free or with ticket. In that case, ultimately Govt will be going to fund the metro expenses. The budget provision will be made accordingly.
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    This is not at all a good move. Why ladies should be given free passes to travel in metros. The amount to be paid is not huge and if they can't afford that much why they should travel. OK. If the CM feels that all the ladies will vote for him if he gives free passes to all the women let him pay from his pocket or from any other source. But the charges for metro travelling should be there. One can have passes for frequent travellers and the rates can be special reduced rates to these passengers irrespective of Gender.
    It has become common thinking to these politicians that they can obtain votes by giving SOPs to the people. The same mistake Babu in Andhra Pradesh also has done. The outcome is known to all of us. So I feel these are all elections stunts and the taxpayer will be burdened heavily to compensate all these expenses. So I agree with Sridharan that no free passes to anyone in the metros. Otherwise, all other states will also start this and the loss will be heavy and it will become very difficult to meet both the ends for the government.

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    These freebies are declared by politicians for vote gain and nothing else. The unfortunate part is that the a person like Arvind Kejriwal who holds higher degrees is putting these kind freebies without understanding the impact on economy and tax burden on common men of India.
    In fact, this whole culture of freebies is not healthy both in context of economics and politics. In the long run, it eventually will put burden on tax payers only and politically, it will trap people into habit of freebies.
    One more thing i don't understand is that while Delhi CM was announcing this scheme, he said that he is launching this scheme for the purpose of women safety but it doesn't make sense that you provide free metro and bus tickets to women and they'll become safe.
    Also if we look around, in past, many countries have experimented these schemes and all of them have failed reason being economic loss and burden of tax on Common men.
    In my opinion, it's is dangerous for economy as well as a healthy politics in long run and therefore people of India shall entertain such kind of Freebies and Center Govt. shall also not approve this suicidal scheme.

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    This issue was already raised earlier this month itself in this thread and you had even responded in that thread. Please avoid raising the same topics.

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