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    How can we more constructively involve students in social growth?

    Some years ago, the units of the NSS were so active and students were also active in taking up some good social work in some villages and so on. These days, one is afraid, the concentration is only on studies and hence this activity seems to have been ignored totally.

    Yet, there are some efforts being made by some colleges to involve the students in some constructive social work and the Master's Degree in Social Work students, who specialize in community development are also active in some pockets. However, a lot more needs to be done.

    If Members are aware of some constructive work being done, they can share details. Some lectures are being organized in some colleges and the experiences can be quoted to create some good interest in students to the extent possible. Of course, members may please do take this as a request for help. We need so much of action in every pocket and only collective action can achieve this.
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    A good subject raised by the the author. The students are the future responsible citizens of this country. and it is necessary that they should grow up in an healthy environment during their education period. It is our duty to inculcate social work and other volunteer work in the society and that will make them a perfect citizen of the future. It is also true that now a days students are so busy in their studies for making a career that it is not proper to force them to take additional loads but if we want to help them develop their overall faculties then it is imperative that they should be involved in social causes. This will bring in them the extra confidence to understand the patterns of life in our society and they will become good samaritans in future helping the fellow beings in their life.
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    Involving students in social work is a good thought but only thing we have to see is how practical it is as they are busy in their studies which is the primary objective in their lives. Still the educational institutes should make provision in the curriculum to that extent that student should know and be aware about the effectiveness of social work in our lives which is crucial for all round development.
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    I remember of one such initiative taken by the diocese of kalyan - Mumbai, The youth organisation, known as Kalyan Eparchy Youth(KEY) organise clean -up drive every year on 2nd October, Gandhi jayanti day. The place was cleaning of station - Kurla, which is provided by the station master.
    If you have being to mumbai or have seen Kurla, you will know how it is. The members of KEy from all parish participated in cleaning the station & to my surprise, everyone enjoyed doing it. Early, when we reached, we were dubious but later the organising committee divided us into groups and gave each group different task. From cleaning the platform, over bridge, the signboard, walls, toilets, & also the track.
    Everyone was provided with mask, gloves, caps, brooms & other necessary things. We were given to clean the platform no#7. We all did it, from cleaning the platform, the walls that was full of gutka spat & the stair. People looked at us with amazement & few even raised their thumb. We felt proud & also enjoyed doing it.
    We came back & shared our experience with others. Many have come forward to be a part of it the next time. We may not be able to do social activities every time but whenever you get a chance, try doing it & i'm sure you will treasure it in your hard disk for life.

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    My experience is that students respond best when their ideas are implemented. Instead of offering them ideas and suggestions on what to do, ask them what they can do. Hold interactive sessions, where problems are discussed – real issues, such as sanitation, water, education etc., and take it from there.

    You can show documentaries revolving around the problems people face or get speakers working in the field to give talks.

    I have also been part of NCC, but it was a mere formality. The so-called social work was just to mark our presence, to get the examination ticket. The agencies use NCC and other social drives as a threat – you don't get your hall ticket if you don't complete the mandatory number of hours in your respective social service group. This is not a way to inculcate values in students.

    When you hold a session and ask students to come up with ideas on what they think they can do, you get a better response. Offer them ideas, but let it appear that the idea is theirs. Once you have them involved, get them to chart a plan – can they devote time, can they collect funds, can they use their talent and spare time - take all these and create groups, asking volunteers to sign up.

    Someone who can paint can conduct art workshops for slum children, someone else can teach. They can get their parents involved and perhaps get donations through a charity run. Once you think of it, there is a lot that can be done. But the key here is involvement – it should be voluntary not forced. Students should be made to feel that they 'own' the project. That it is their baby. You will get 100% involvement when you do that.

    It appears to be a form of manipulation, but you get the students to think and work when you use these tactics. For such causes to show positive results he feeling of giving back to the community and sharing should come from within. You have to learn how the human mind works.

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    I will tell you about my experience on this issue. Our manufacturing facility was in a rural area and there are ten villages around. There were upper primary or high schools in these villages. They all are government schools. People used to come to us for some financial help for some works for the school buildings or for some activities in the village. I always used to tell them that the material will be arranged by me if the teachers and students come out as volunteers and participate in the activities. On the occasion of August 15th one village school is to be painted and material required is organised and the teachers made the 9th and 10th class students to work and get the painting of the building done. The students took very good initiative and they painted so well as if they are professional painters.
    In another village they wanted a medical camp. We arranged some doctors from the nearby city and medicines and school children worked there as volunteers and help many patients to get the checking done on that day. They help old people to come to the doctor served them tea and snacks and also taken up the cleaning work of that area. Afterwards the school children expressed their happiness in participating in such activities.

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