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    How do we improve the quality of our doctorates?

    There have been some press reports that the UGC is now tapping into all the doctorates produced
    in various disciplines, by various Universities. One is given to understand that in some deemed universities there are ghost writers who can "manage" everything. That is, including the publication of research papers in refereed journals. One really does not know how far this is true, but there are so many rumors in this regard. The amount that is payable is reportedly three hundred thousand rupees, through illegal channels.

    Even otherwise, one does find that there are too many dubious characters around. In any conference or seminar, those with solid industrial experience are able to see through these guys who merely copy something from some published sources and talk through their hat. Their awareness of what is going on in the industry in the particular field, for example, HR, as far as Management, is a big zero. That is, they are far removed from the field. Imagine what will happen to the MBA students. These innocent souls always complain that they are always taught only theory. When the industry exposure is also zero ( the project work in most MBA colleges is a mere formality), the student quality suffers.

    Can we go in for industrial experience as a must for any doctorate? That is, they should have worked in the industry in an appropriate capacity, before taking up the doctorate. Can this be implemented everywhere, even for Chemistry, or Mathematics and so on? What is the way out?
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    The author has posted a very important issue pertaining to skill levels of a doctoral degree. It appears that doctoral programme is nothing but just like a degree after post gradation. The doctoral program should have an element of research and it should be related to some new ideas and perceptions in the related fields. The suggestion of author to link research with industrial aspects is a very good thought but academia has to adopt it in the real practice. A theoretical research is not much useful to the society until it is connected to a industrial or technical thing. The education planners in our country should think seriously to revamp the system of getting doctorates and make it more practical and development oriented.
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    I heard in some universities there are professors in humanities departments who will make the thesis for their students for a cost. I am not sure how far it is correct. But people working in universities only said this issue to me.
    The overall education system is to be reorganised. The present education system is making students to reproduce what they make by heart in their classes from the text books. But no one is giving any importance to the practical use of this knowledge. It is more like giving a permanent driving license to a candidate who knows the rules and who knows the various parts of the car but never driven a car or not knowing how to drive a car.
    As suggested by the author there should be some exposure to the student in understanding the practical uses of the subject he learned. When somebody comes for an interview if we ask him what is newton's First law, he reproduces what he studied in the book. Then if we ask him how this law is useful to him in our day to day life his answer is silence only.
    A lot of research is required to set these issues right.

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    Plagiarism in doctoral thesis is on the increase. The Universities are not exercising strict monitoring on copying of contents from another thesis in submission of Ph.D papers. The objective of doctoral research is to come out with a new contribution and add to the existing knowledge base. If everyone start copying the existing information/data the knowledge become stale and there is no value for such thesis. Ph.D is ultimate degree being awarded by the University. The persons with Ph.D are appointed as professors in the colleges and universities and they become guides to other Ph.D Scholars. Thereby the standard of education gets deteriorated.

    In view of the above the Universities should exercise strict action against plagiarism.

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    Many students are not having interest in research but after post graduation they sometimes do not have any other alternative except to join research hoping that after that they will be able to secure a good job. In such a situation we can not expect quality work from these research scholars.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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