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    Should we not stop these monsters of 20+ stories buildings in metro cities?

    At least three new advertisements have appeared in the Times of India, Chennai, edition, of the 15th of June 2019, proudly announcing new projects or on-going projects. Some of these are in the prestigious residential district of OMR, an area where only river water is available and no bore wells are allowed. There are already 30+ story buildings built in the most sophisticated Western style, by reputed builders from North India, where every drop of water is purchased for the residents.

    Now, the new projects are all 20+ storied buildings and the places where these are coming up are at least forty five kilometers from the heart of the city. Only the airport may be near, at around fifteen kilometers with many approach roads. Why should we allow these symbols of blatant capitalism, in a city that is starving for water? Does it mean that the rich can get away with anything? Most projects have proudly announced swimming pools also. The very rich film actors, the jewelry merchants from Mumbai, the new class of very highly paid IT guys and the NRI crowd are happily buying up these superbly constructed apartments, where everything is sort of inclusive. The interior design experts, reportedly chip in even when the construction is on.

    Don't we need some curbs? Am told the story is similar in Hyderabad too? What will happen to water resources too, if people who spend two crores for an apartment, like like Maharajahs when the poor common man is left with just six pots of water or less? The poor actually buy water now.
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    Multi storied buildings are putting a lot of pressure on the infrastructure facilities and clustering of these mammoth buildings is really doing harm to the environment rather giving shelter to so many people. Builders are making good money through these projects and those who can afford are buying them. Only thing which is to be considered is whether in the long run will we be able to service these apartments in terms of water and other basic amenities. Today the situation has already gone worse in many places and people are repenting their decision of living in the tall buildings.
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    The population in cities is increasing very heavily. The development is taking place around these cities only. For example Hyderabad is a big city. People from all the districts of Telangana and also from AP comes here for jobs. If you remove Hyderabad from Telangana there is no any other place where people will get some jobs and ways to earn money. So people are coming to Hyderabad and getting settled here. This is giving a lot of pressure to the environment and water resources are reducing. Somehow because of the Godavari and Krishna waters that are rooted to Hyderabad is saving to some extent. But after a few years really we will see a lot of shortage. This is making people to go for high raise buildings. Already trees in these cities are diminishing and it will further reduce. So the people here should think of some alternative places to develop so that the population will get distributed evenly and development should never be concentrated in only one place.
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    The cities being converted in to concrete jungle has become order of the day. The authorities give permission to builders violating all the norms. It is true that due to increased population in the cities there is a demand for more accommodation. But fact is that most of the rich people invest their black money in these projects.

    Government should bring some regulations and enforce the rules very strictly. We are already facing many environment related problems and with the increased number of multi stories buildings the problems likely to become manifold.

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    I am ignorant about how multi-storied buildings impact the environment, I really am. However, what I know is that there is a growing need for housing, which is why such complexes are sprouting all over an already congested city. Most of these projects are outside the Chennai Corporation limits, so technically, they are not in Chennai.

    My in-laws have an independent bungalow, which until a few decades back did not have a sewage disposal system. Each independent house in the area had a sewage tank and disposal of the waste was the owner's responsibility. The place still does not get corporation water and they rely on a well in the backyard for domestic water and buy drinking water.

    My brother-in-law had an independent house in Roypettah, and he recently got apartments built on the property, The water woes in that area have only worsened in the years. Earlier, they used to get water for two hours, at midnight, and now they have a problem of sewage getting mixed in the water that they get through the corporation line.

    On the other hand, the new apartment complexes have their own sewage treatment plants (STP). They recycle the water and provide it for flushing and watering of gardens. Most apartments make use of groundwater and run their own water treatment plants (WTP) for providing potable water. Yes, the apartments on ECR and OMR buy water, because the saline content in the groundwater is high, due to the close proximity to the sea. Water is something that everyone needs and the "rich" also buy water.

    In fact, the corporation supplies free water to the poor through tankers. Further, most new housing complexes adopt rainwater harvesting techniques.

    Most of the apartment complexes are zero waste communities. They segregate waste and compost organic stuff and send the rest for recycling. Very little of their waste goes to landfills,

    They also plant trees and are very green. Yes, many of them have swimming pools, which they shut down during a water crisis.

    Builders are also required to provide budget accommodation (1BHK) within apartment complexes.

    The growing population needs a place to live. People employed in the IT industry on OMR need a roof over their head. I agree that indiscriminate exploitation of resources should not be allowed, but then the authorities should ensure that there is proper infrastructure before allowing cities to expand.

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    Many cities are now growing vertically creating a big impact on the resources available in a zone. The infrastructure available in most of the places does not support the multi storied buildings still the builders are getting permission to build more and more such complexes.
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