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    The height of human compassion, this!!

    I recently read this from a special issue of a famous Tamil Newspaper,where such real life stories are published. The aim is to make the reader understand that everything is not lost.

    However, am just repeating what has been written. It has to be true, judging from the sincerity of the writer. We all know that the old people are never cared for. Most of them live in old age homes, even in the small cities. The report talks about the 60th birthday of a man's parents, when the parents were known to be dead and gone long ago. Puzzled, the writer had gone to the function.

    It was here that the entire positive story unfolded. The environment is not mentioned, but it does seem rural. The grandparents were very unhappy that they could not play with grandfather or grandmother. So, the couple went on to literally adopt an elderly husband and wife as parents of the man and they lived in the same house. When the grandfather turned 60, the function happened.

    Seems straight from some Tamil movie!! However, we need this kind of human compassion everywhere. Have members had similar experiences? Have you seen this sort of happen in any family known to you?
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    A good thread. At a time where children are leaving their parents in old age home for their enjoyment, we see some humanity through such people who come up and do such act.
    We hear many stories where parents have to leave their own house which they had made by their own hard earned money but left in front of temples, churches, stations and flee unknowingly. These parents live rest of their lives in the hope that one day their children will come back & take them back but that never happen. They happen to leave this life in tears and urge to meet their children at an unknown place.
    It's not the story of parents having 1 child but these are also the case where they have 8 - 10 children & no one is ready to take care of them in their old age.
    Let this story be an eye opener for everyone.

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    My mother's sister is a Ph. D in Telugu from Andhra University. She worked as a lecturer in a private college. They are three sisters but no brothers. This lady who worked as a lecturer never accepted to get married . She was serving her father and mother while working in the college. When she was about 50 years her father expired. From then onwards she was taking care of her mother. Now she is 70 years old and she is in the service of her mother who is about 96 years. Day night she will be taking care of her mother only. She sacrificed her life for her parents. She never had any regrets for her actions and feels very happy and says that this is a chance given by God to her to serve her parents. They both stay with my parents in the village. I feel such children to the parents are boons and we should appreciate such children who do service to their parents.
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